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  1. Hello, I have realised that my otherwise intact fabric sofa of 3 years is losing the black cambric fabric off its bottom. In other words, the paper-thin stuff at the bottom of the sofa is peeling off in large black flakes. The sofa is otherwise perfectly fine and cushions etc all bouncy still. Would you be able to recommend any company, contractor or handyman that might consider coming to my place (Bukit Batok East), removing the remains of the old cambric and replacing it? Any idea how much this would cost? I have a 2 part sofa so it might not be as difficult as with some but the parts are quite heavy.
  2. Hi, I know this topic has been covered many times, but I don't think there have been recent posts. Like many other posters, I have West-facing windows in my living and master bedroom and in my case they are floor-to-ceiling, so the place gets really hot in the afternoons. So I am after solar films and installation for only the west-facing windows. I primarily want anti-infrared but if they are also anti-UV, that is not a bad thing. The west-facing windows in the bedroom already have blackout curtains which I keep closed during the day, but the living room ones have louvered wooden slats which I cannot close. I have spoken to my condo management and they don't have hard and fast rules on films, but they say reflective would be no go and anything very deeply tinted would also spoil "the uniformity of look of the condo exterior". I do like the fact that my flat is mostly light and airy so I wouldn't want it to become a black cave. I would like to hear from those of you who have had films put in (HDB or condo; I don't care) and have been happy with the results - aka cooler flats with preferably no peeling or melting of the films after 2-5 years. So I specifically want recommendations from actual users - thanks. I am useless on film application (had to do it at work once) so please don't recommend me any BYO films - I want a firm who will supply and install the films for me. If you can, please give me an idea of the cost per sq m or foot (no worries, I'm sure prices will have increased). If it is relevant, I live in the west of Singapore. Thanks very much in advance!
  3. Hello, after having heard lots of horror stories I thought I'd ask around here if anyone has used a reliable aircon servicing company that operates in the West area of Singapore? Clementi/Toh Tuck area. What sort of price for cleaning and gas refill? I really don't want companies that try to upsell you on annual packages or cause you more problems than you had in the first place. I just think that some of my units are not as cold as they should be and haven't been serviced for more than a year so they could use cleaning and gas refill. If the maintenance guy comes on or close to appointed time that would be great too - ended up waiting more than 2 hours before for people. If I get all 4 units done in my flat, is there usually some bulk discount? No self-promo pls!
  4. Thanks Yoongf! My windows are definitely aluminium and the condo dates from 1998 so it shdn't be that old even if the previous owners did not change them. They stay open OK most of the time, but not in windy conditions - you have to bear in mind that these windows are part of an exterior wall; so its not like there's another block to buffer the wind or anything. I shall try to make my way to Ubi - hope that Homely will still have hardware that will work despite its reorganisation...
  5. Hello all, my little condo unit has nearly all casement windows. Most of the time this is fine, except at night when I'd like them open a crack for ventilation but not so far open that everything not nailed down in the flat falls on the floor. They also tend to swing open when there is a sudden monsoon downpour which means I sometimes wake up to a flooded living room. I have photos of my current windows latches (unfortunately this forum doesn't seem to allow me to upload anything but I can PM interested parties), but seem to remember that in the old days there were also handles/latches which had 2 stops. One which completely closed/latched the window and another which had it open just a crack. Does anyone know a shop or handyman I can talk to about getting my latches replaced by that kind? I hope that someone out there knows what I am talking about...
  6. I think this question has been asked before but I haven't seen a recommendation. I have bought some cheap day curtains that I need taken up - basically about 30 cm cut off the bottom and the remaining 10cm hemmed up. Can anyone recommend a reliable seamstress or tailor that could do the job cheaply? I know there are some alteration specialists in Queensway Shopping Centre but I think they do clothes only.
  7. Hello, I've just taken possession of a condo unit. It is in very good condition as it was thoroughly renovated about 1.5 years ago. However, I'm looking at doing some minor touchups to paintwork and also plugging some old wireholes where a bedroom TV used to live. Some of the plugpoints are also thoroughly scratched and I would ideally like to replace them (they are proprietory gray plugpoints). Any firms recommended for this sort of very minor works that won't take me to the cleaners? Also, speaking of which, any good cleaning firms that might give the entire place a scrub (including all the windows and remove old decals from a glass door) before I start buying and moving furniture in? How much would it cost (no soft furnishings at all)? Thanks!
  8. Yes, most dining tables come in at 75cm+ but about 60cm would be fine for me as I plan to get stools in that can be brought out only when we need to use it as a dining table (ie when we have guests). Thanks for the thread link!
  9. If you are looking for a teak or mahogany design, both the Zen range at Star Living and UnikHome have quite nice versions of this. The Zen one is a lot more expensive. This is the Unikhome one which I am thinking of getting. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_NbT1QhjFiRI/TH5rEY8P0oI/AAAAAAAAALg/fjZ1t43agFY/s320/mahogany+coffee+table+set4.jpg
  10. Has anyone here had a carpenter design and prepare a Tavoflex equipped Coffee/dining table in the past? http://www.hafele.com.sg/sg/en/news-and-events/news/24363.asp I would like an idea of the cost as I would like to get a multifunctional table for small living/dining space in a new apartment. I have looked at both the Italian tables on the market (the ones available from Molecule and XZQT) but neither goes wonderfully with the decor I currently have in mind which is quite woody/natural. Cost is definitely an issue and a cheaper solution than the $2000++ for the XZQT option would be welcome. Also, would any carpenter be able to handle the manufacture of such a table without compromising on safety/stability?