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  1. Our existing HDB Consumer Units are this type: I saw a commercial office tenant having installed this variant instead: Any LEWs can advise if this be installed in HDB units?
  2. I have read that as per HDB regulations, cooking fumes are not allowed to be vented into service balcony or out of kitchen window. So I'm wondering, since reducing the size of the rubbish chute hopper is allowed, perhaps I can reduce the size of my chute hopper and connect the exhaust duct to the extra space?
  3. That's why must obtain the ceiling plan from HDB too.
  4. That is if anyone is lucky enough to have a neighbour directly above them selling his flat.. Thing is, it should be possible right? As long as the support structures are not touched, it won't weaken the building's stability. I'd say knocking down walls will contribute more to building instability than ceilings, since gravity works vertically. I've seen people crazy enough to knock down ALL their walls (except the toilet of course), leaving only columns standing.
  5. Hi, I need more vertical space. The unit above me is currently going for sale. If I purchase the unit above my current unit with the name registered to someone else who doesn't own a HDB unit, can I hack all the ceiling and replace the main door of the above unit with a wall? Of course, all the necessary support structures like columns and beams will be left intact. Been researching all over the internet but can't find anything on hacking of ceilings. Plenty of resources regarding hacking of walls though.