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  1. hahaha...thanks , all brilliant ideas and good food for thought. i also like the 7-11 suggestion and the chopper wielding wife ideas!!! one more idea, have the house look as crappy as possible on the outside !!
  2. Hi Jumbopanther, I am keen to know your thoughts on security. For example, should windows have locks on them? and grills? How does one mitigate against the risk of break-ins? many thanks for any insight you may have!!
  3. Jumbopather, thanks. with your knowledge of these matters, you can easily write a book !
  4. Jumbopanther, i just went through your blog and I must say that i am most impressed with your contractor's works. Thanks also for sharing your pointers. You are indeed very learned! I wished i read this blog earlier...but perhaps better late than never. Could you pm me your contractor's details? thanks very much
  5. Thanks for sharing - may I please also request you to PM alex's contact? Thanks very much !!
  6. Sorry about the empty posted reply above. I am new and still figuring my way around. This thread has been useful - thanks for sharing. I am just curious why you say if you put up your construction for tender , it may not mean cheaper quotes? So if use architect to call for tender, the resulting quotes may be higher than if you have approached various builders on individual basis? Could you show us the light? Thanks v much!
  7. Hi all, I am new to renotalk having just bought a terrace and planniing for a&a. I have so many questions at this planning stage. One of my questions is on the cost of relocating the stairwell to the side of the house and installing a anew staircase. The present staircase is located in the centre and eats into the narrow width of the house. The area in front of the staircase is inefficient because it cannot be used. Moving the stairs to align along the length will make better space usage. Has anyone done this before or considered this , and do you know the costs taking into account the demolition, the construction of new floor space at the old stairwell and the costs of new staircase? Any input would be deeply appreciated. Another question I have is the cost for soil test for one location on the land. One builder said $3000. Another said $2000. Another said a few hundred dollars. Does anyone know what is the market rate. Thanks so much