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  1. Elegant Dining Table Not a scratch or rust or any blemish... Looks almost like new... Black tempered glass and chrome colored legs... Almost 100kg solid table... Selling due to changing of concept Dimensions 150cm x 90cm x 80cm(height) Arrange own transport and manpower Slight nego for serious buyer... Whatsapp/msg/call @ 85223604 for faster replies
  2. From what my contractor told me, cannot hack the tiles from kitchen and toilet but you can overlay.... But!! if your permit gets approved by HDB, den you need not fear...
  3. Coming along nicely!! I just finished up my Reno and started living in since Friday!! Very quiet now I almost went evry day to check in and take photos of de Reno… To see de house grow was so nice!! I hope u will have a great time too!!!
  4. I spent a total of 3k for both mattress and bedframe… sure they used de container closing tactic on me, but come on this is how ppl make sales, wouldn't blame dem for it…. Most impt was receiving de final product in good condition and I was satisfied…. Some of u guys might have had grievances wid dem before and I understand ur frustration.... but lets hope tat dey had finally put their delivery problems behind them... I wish Mattress Atrium all de best.....
  5. Received my mattress and bedframe right on time!!! They called a day in advance to confirm delivery and confirmed the timing…. On the delivery day, they came right on schedule…. And the mattress is super comfy!!! Personally, I feel Mattress Atrium is past their woes... U guys just have to book a month or 45 days in advance.... Ken was overly helpful and I had called him a week in advance to check up on the delivery and he assured me that it will be delivered... And seriously the mattress is heavenly.... Two Thumbs to them!!!
  6. Its a month since I ordered the Matress and also have confirmed the bedframe from them... My delivery date is on the 10th of April.... Hopefully they will deliver on that day itself as the next day is my hsewarming & prayers... Will keep u guys posted!!
  7. Welcome Bro, I am using the bigger hole for my Refrigerator and the smaller one for Shoe Cabinet....
  8. haha... ya la, been planning on having a big TV since young time, wat to do! can, can... just drop by, can watch together...
  9. Even lagi worse is tat I hav purchased 8 bluray movies and dey are now just sitting at my place waiting for reno to be done before i can watch dem!! My wife complains each time she looks at de Discs... haha... Wanted to even purchase PS3 but am really holding back my hand...
  10. I am a TV freak, want to watch soccer and movies in big screen , so I actually bought a 55" TV and Samsung 5.1 HTS alr... So Kiasu... TV was $2,600 and HTS $600...
  11. Ahh.. Kym76 u hav no idea, I emailed HDB twice to release de keys early to me as I hav to move in fast. Gave dem my reason and thankfully dey accepted… And ya $600 is a bomb!! But I really couldn't afford to wait an extra month so I hav no choice I am hoping my ID will reduce de amount in de end... Which level will u be in?
  12. Kym76, I am also same block as u! I will be on the seventh floor… Ya, I checked once I got the keys for the cement screed with our HDB CCK Branch and they said will atleast take 4 weeks… Since I couldn't wait tat long, I am asking my ID to do it but warning tho, it will cost u... I am doing for my MBR & Rm 2 and it will cost $600.. Downside is paying for it, but upside is tat it will save u atleast a month.... I also need to demolish a wall... de one btw bedroom 3 and living room so as to make de living room bigger.... My ID has submitted de application to HDB on 27th Feb, I am really keeping my fingers crossed tat it will get accepted!! I think I will know by end of this week... Anyway I really wish u the best of luck for ur reno!!
  13. And I would also advise forumers to be wary when following forums that has lots of negative reviews and feedbacks... Some times it could be a ploy to undermine sales or sometimes it could be de same person posting under different user names.... But I understand that as consumers, we at times get ultimately frustrated and angry wen things don go as plan especially for Furniture wise as we depend on dem.... But lets also not totally condemn ppl as things change...
  14. No la bro, I believe giving chances to ppl and frankly speaking i felt that their headboards and mattresses are quite nice, well much much nicer den King Koil and Max COil, which were the other two shops i went before entering MA... I noe my budget was way off for Serta, Sealy and Simmons.... And if they could still exist and have another outlet even after this many complaints, i believe that they are past their woes... Maybe they were stuck wid some supplier and hav got rid of dem... I don think that anyone shud warrant this amount of hatred anyways... Still keeping my fingers crossed but will keep u guys posted....