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  1. LOL, and I think he did not realise this yet since he reply again...whahah
  2. Thank you all for the encouragment while we continue to embark on this journey of searching. Seriously, this is more difficult as comapred to when we planned our weddings. Worried bout workmanship, prices, reliability etc etc..
  3. I am intending to overhaul my 5rm resale flat's kitchen & 2 toilets and abit of touch up here n there and submited a request quote here..*** got in touch with me and arranged an appt with me.. Hubs was actually against the idea of engaging ID for the fear for being too ex, but decided to give them a try, so down we went, along with our floor plan, photos of my house and explained to our requirements to the Senior Sales Designer (Adrian). He seems nice at our meeting, listening intently to our requirements and told me that my quote will be ready after 1 week and we can discuss further..The price he estimate is also quite comparable to the contractors and their show room seems impressive..Hubs was still telling me, maybe he will consider engaging an ID after all.. And we waited patiently for our quote..Even though I have received from most of my queries, I decided to wait for them and even drop them a msg to ask whether it is ready..But today, they told me that they had lost my floor plan and of cuz along with the discussions we had the other day and requested me to send my floor plan and renovation details again, promising to get the quote ready by tomorrow. Tell me, how am I going to trust them with my house when they cannot even provide a quote to me as promised even with us going down personally to explain our requirements..It only goes to reflects their unprofessionalism in this episode and I refuse to send them again. Was very disappointed with their services and I just want to share this experience.