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  1. hey man/woman, being missing u;) so r u & mrs sipitung in indonesia or australia right now?
  2. welldone, homeowner! for your ability to speedily response to a problem;) about citigas misinformation, do u think u need to make a 3th attempt to verify the info again? juz to be sure if the phonecall-officer or the hdb-hub-citigas-officer is the one making the mistake... it does happen, and if lucky, u may not need to change the design at all. hehe btw, new design is stil very attractive.
  3. ahh, double-panel trick very smart of u! I COPY, hehe. btw, important/sentimental-valued shoes cannot park outside la;)
  4. gmailed u!! waiting for your carpoentary emails.. ganbatte
  5. wahhhh, how lovey & considerate husband !!
  6. about Diva79's ''dilemna'', me no fengshui-expert, but tink tink maybe just put a set of table-&-chair between them will be the easiest solution. so wat have u decided to do, Diva79? si_pitung need to work! new house new furnitures new appliances etc etc need to pay;) will be my turn soon !! as to rummi, U Guessed Just Right -i m wonderg how to send attachment on PM. hehehe. u PM me your email address la;) then we can keep in touch in privacy la;) about your kitchen cabinets, mini cabinets can be a hassle indeed. but mini drawers can be useful. u can re-consider;)
  7. will wait patiently to see finished-product after wed la look for cats & dogs nests, u may find yoru shoe... ...
  8. ops, hehe, dun remember reading anything about this scenario
  9. Citygas clothes dryer cost $660. how much does yoru electric-dtyers cost?? Is this citygas-dryer cheaper than other electric dryers in the market??
  10. wow, u r SOOO EARLY btw, wats 'Flamingo Santaury' ??? sounds interesting. huh huh huh? most blogs most renovators have IDs. both u r me r quite pathetic to brave it out ourself, the cost-saving can go into plushing-up th ekitchen appliances/ futnitures/ electrical appliances la:) thanks for the invitations to post on your blog. in fact, i 'owe' u some drawings & amidst uploading them to PM u.... wait... weeekend is no ending activities for me/hubby... ... about ABS vs veneer, let's say veneer is passe (hehe). and abs is more expensive, s if your contractor is giving ABS at the same price, u got a good deal. btw, abs comes in matching woodgrains too (not all)! yeah yeah personaly, for kitchen, i prefer abs with long bar-handles, (1) can hang kitchen towels) (2) when busy cooking, can grab doors easily with any tiny fingers without breaking nails in tiny grooves-handles built-into flushed-doors;) extracted this from GnM's reply to the thread above. '' depending on the design, veneer trimmings give a sharp clean look, whilst ABS will not be able to achieve that flush look that some designers are looking for '' nowadays, ABS trimming comes in 1mmthk bands =slim enuff to look flat! one laminate supplier with this product is Lam Chuan.
  11. u know wat, both u & me fell into the trap - The Emotional Over Attachment To The Project!! looking forward to your pics on the lovely toilets. the whiet & brown tiles need not be as dark as u imagined it to be la, its just a matter of ration of white to brown! the concoction can be dark chocolate, or cuppucino -all depending on your tiling design sighhhh, tis may nvr happen:P hubby objected strongly to my setting up the reno-blog. the last Our-Wedding-Blog that i'd set up knocked him out cold.
  12. we did bottom only. cos our kitchen too big for 2paxs= we dun need so much storages spaces;) no problem with hood only le. somemore we didnt even tile the walls.
  13. oh yeah?? what were u doing on construction sites?? ...nvm, can PM me. hehe getting all the contractors to meet up at One Place One Time is as easy as sending out a meeting notice. contractors ARE OBLIGATED to attend meetings mah;)
  14. as long as the couple arrives at a MuTual Decision
  15. aiyah, im too late for this was about to suggest (IF IF IF only i'd seen this last night) that you can still consider doing half-wall, just shorten the length of the half wall to for example, 0.60m, that is the depth of the fridge before the door. then you can open your frige door full-swiiiiiing, and yet still have low wall between fridge & washing machine la since homeowner is so kind to offer this reminder, think i'll throw in my 'Method Of Cheating' too. hehe for appliances requiring heat ventilation, i use (1) ventilation board for the back panel (its a brown board with pencil-size ventilation holes all over, then u can paint it to match); or (2) at the top/side back panel of the cabinet to design for a long opening to the less obvious side of the cabinet. this method, however, requires long-term commitment to the location of these appliances. hmm...
  16. hi tightbudget, in my case, the tiler-cum-plasterer will chemical clean my whole house, i mean whole including floors not done by them, windows not done by them, etc. hehehe. it was pre-negotiated before award. if u split up the trades, the contractors will NOT cover each other. so then u'll have to come in, designate the grey zones to which contractor, and then play middleman if they squabble LA! hehe if anything goes wrong, YOU will be responsible in clearing the ****. so a FAIRPROOF (at least 90%proof) plan is to give your contract to a reno-contractor during the quotation-stage, i found IMPRESS21 and GEK JIN to be most appealing, in terms of working capabilities & prices. you may wanna contact them first la !! hi odielim, u'll my renotalk-talk idol - 123 blog pages!! about the prices, actually i do biddings and contracts management for construction projects. so how i understand the technicalities behind how prices are built-up. then again, reno-prices are way way way higher then construction prices. just need to gather a few mre quotes, throw the 'standard questions' at the vendors, and it'll be sufficient to map the path of prices la;) honestly, if i have 50K to splurge, wouldn't be bothered to do it the way im doinding it now
  17. hey, i bought a TEKA's kitchen sink JUST LIKE TIS MODEL TOO my fren was teasing me that it looked like a bathtub. next time got baby can easily shower in the kitchen sink.
  18. hi hi, finally in the right 'home' ...even tho si_pitung dun mind. hehe my side, hacking over. debris cleared. starting plastering and tiling liao... about your earlier questions in si_pitung's 'house', i m boxing up the sewer/drainage pipes in the toilets, then tiling over. not leaving any access panels at all. its a 6years old flat. unlikely to have chokage problem anytime soon. other pipes NOT in prominent locations, just gonna leave them alone. about your kitchen cabinet, sounds like you are sure u'll like to use those ladder-systems/drawers. in this case, maybe u shd consider buying the systems first, then plan the ACTUAL dimensions on your carpentary drawings. this may avoid abortive work in future shd the systems u buy not be able to fit, and rubbish like that... btw, i kapo-kapo huh. saw on your drawings the space allowed for fridge is only 745mm. hmm, is tis really enuff? u need to also give allowance for opening the fridge door. alternatively, u may consider building the low wall (seperating fridge & washing machine) to stop short before the fridge door opening, so that you can open your fridge door WIIIIIIDE
  19. oh, read in a fengshui book, it is possible to put a chopping board, or green plant to seperate the 4 elements (stove, sink, fridge & water), and 'break the curse'
  20. wahhh, indecent meh??? mayb u do deserve the storeroom hehe planet now really cheapcheap. nearest to u shd be parkway. butbutbut after i moved to sengkang, VERY FAR LE
  21. errr.... actually i dun know... why not call lamchuan's sales person. try tis number 97686958
  22. hey, hi neighbour ;-) so tats anchorsvale area. hmm hi bublepearl, tink tis may post to be rather difficult... what happenned is i have a subcon for every trade. so the list is gonna turn out loooooooong. eg, demolition is one vendor, tiling/plastering another vendor, false ceilign yet another, even glass is another... ...
  23. hi bluezz! have u 'checked-in' to renotalk.com already? im at rivervale drive. where's N3C3? spending 32K on reno. wat abt your budget? hi mist! have u 'checked-in' to renotalk.com already? so u're the lucky one to have moved in by now. so how's life in sengkang? im at rivervale drive. where r u?