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  1. 命中!有多少人在暗戀你? (準!) 一群人約出去吃吃喝喝,當中有你暗戀的異性。這時你會點什麼飲料呢? A.印度奶茶 B.藍山咖啡 C.新鮮水果茶 D.冰綠...

  2. Amasco DC fan sucks.. After less than 2 years the so call "remote" unit broken actually it's the rectifier circuit. I have to pay 120 for the "remote" n 35 for service and 15 for transport. After long argument, they minus 15 bucks. And after replacing the standard warranty only 6 months, what the heck Buy at your own risk. Crappy product .......
  3. btw i hv a false ceiling (3 inches) ... no problem to mount right ? Haiku is my preference if not KDK also can
  4. I am impress with their package as it covers all my carpentry need for my 2 bedroom condo. Advisable ? Talk to the ID but I am ok with them .... For package deal, wat to look out for ?? Appreciated ..
  5. can i know which ID is that ? I am looking for one too ...