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  1. thhoon, hi, looking for me, i am jayden the designer from **. call me 97569993, for appointment

  2. Hi, I am Jayden Lim from ** Design pte ltd, can contact me if u nid designer for your lovely kitchen.


    Thanks and do not hesitate to call me

  3. Yes, I have....But 4 rooms around 30k a bit tight, unless you need normal reno and minor design. My 4 Rooms was already 45k for overall design. U can pm me as well as i have some ID can recommend
  4. Hi, It is too cheap!!!! Really, But do u think it is good quality products? I can say that it is definitely cheapest. U see the kitchen is $100 pfr. Don't really know is that any hidden cost in that? I got my own id, our kitchen 20ft is already $3600, I really dun understand how they quote. By the way, it is cheap, Just go ahead....^^
  5. Hi Hi, If you wish to reno your house, please pm and call me, I am designer from SXX CrXXX, Waiting for your pm and hear from you soon., Thanks,
  6. Hi, Dont worry about the price, just look at the design and quality 1st. Please Pm me and discuss. Thanks.
  7. Hi, I am Designer from Sxx Crexxxx, Shall call me for appt and discussion. Thanks. Pm me and keep in touch. Thanks. .......
  8. Hi, If you need any info, can pm me. I am the interior design, shall call me for appt. Thanks.,
  9. Hi, I am the designer from skx crexxxxx, may look for me. PM me and keep in touch
  10. The quote u have is really not detailed , somemore, they should show you the good planning and detailed quotation

  11. sry, is 97569993. I am Jayden, Designer from SXX CreXXX

  12. call me, i am the designer from **.


  13. Not Worth at all, If looking for ID, they should give u a very detailed quotation. Reliable or not? Casetrust? SQC? they have? PM me , if u need a good workmanship, good quality, good service guy to serve u... Thanks. Email to me as well. Thanks