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  1. Posted the issue at Page 1. I suppose Straight line is art of carpenter. But not in this case. some alignment is slanted!
  2. Uploaded 2D, 3D, Hacking Work and aircon installation work. More to come! Stay tune!
  3. Will let you know the outcome. almost complete 80% but the outcome really vomit blood. Not sure whether the carpenter is tooo junior level or they rushing the work before CNY period. some of my thing slanted, alignment not straight.
  4. Post the issue here first. most headache thing. Basin alignment not straight. TV COnsole hole not waht i want.
  5. Tiles, L-Box, New Fiber point is up. The skirting look abit weird tho! So many lines!!!
  6. TASK 2 - HACKING WORK Hacking Work in progress. We hack the wall in between living room and kitchen as we preferred open concept. Hack the service balcony windows and door.
  7. TASK 1 - Air con installation (From Gain City) System 4 with 5 Tick. Damage cost $4,788.00 For the air con installation, understand that it is suppose to be handle by the ID and hassle free for the owner but difference case for me. Book and confirm the date of the air con installation with Gain City and the ID. Gain City appointment time is between 10am to 12pm. During the day, ID or his contractor was not turn up on time. Gain City turn up at around 10.10AM (Thumb Up for the punctual timing). Lucky I was around that area and was on leave. I have to discuss with Gain City staff on the air con installation location and supervise them until the work get done (6pm). There come the problem that existing cabinet was not dismantle and this could be the road block for the air con installation. Call up ID and he told me his carpenter will reach there ASAP (around 11am). Guess what, the ID and contractor turn up at around 4PM!!! Luckily Gain city guy helpful enough to help me dismantle. (Thumb Up again for Gain City). Minus point for the ID. This is 1st Incident (more to come).
  8. Reserved for ID Selection Will reveal the ID after they rectify most of the item.
  9. Hi All, We decided to upgrade to bigger room (from 3 Room in AMK to 5 Room in Bukit Panjang) due to several reason. Has gone through some of the renovation period (December 2016 to now) and it is quite difficult as there are so many holiday break in between but we looking to move in only by 1st march of 2017. So the timeline is manageable. Here is the layout. what i see is a lot of pillar!! 2D plan design by me (Using 5DPlanner). Renovation complete (80%) but yet to provide me the 2D plan. 3D Design:-
  10. Bro, pm me the price... keen on 3 unit. can let me know the size too. Thanks!