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  1. shoe cabinet ">http://http://s62.photobucket.com/user/popcorn_m3/media/reno%20talk/05942630-641B-4801-80E2-A1352C81FC88_zpsc1owla8s.jpg.html'>
  2. living room ">http:// ">http://http://s62.photobucket.com/user/popcorn_m3/media/reno%20talk/98A6FD66-5367-4470-A160-5A2B19772A4D_zpsvamxz1w3.jpg.html'>
  3. Starting with my OPEN CONCEPT KITCHEN ">http://
  4. Good Morning, its been 2 year since we move in. came back to this forum and realise i have forgot to attached pic after we move in will try will dig out from my PC and post it out
  5. Tigress are classified as fierce not strong, when i see your stress look when moving house, i know i will get it from u dont siam? 找死吗?
  6. Noted and this shall be put on record
  7. wow nice stairs u have there.... can post the floor floor plan?
  8. Today is the day, cos today I'm going to"Phua Chu"!!! First thing first is to invite my "Tua Pek Kong" over Sleep less then 4 hour last nite now heading to market To buy "Huat Kuay" orange, chicken etc ... For offering 😊😊😊
  9. Bro, applause what u say. I also very particular with costing and pricing. Most importantly is to find a ID or contractor which is reliable. Eg. Do they have a show room? Case trust accredited or under case complaint? no. Of project they have done. If kea su. Can check how much is their pay up capital( who wants to deal with a $1 pay up company?) I will not want to deal with those fly by nite company or those using their house address register as company aka one man show company. if they run away half way of your reno. who can help? log police report? By that time really 叫天,天不应, 叫地, 地不灵 Some time I just tell myself pay a litter bit more just to have a piece of mind. My 2 baht worth
  10. Some pic to share from last Friday progress. Been busy with work over the week end as sales has benn very slow ver the last 2 months Further more my boss is a very result oriented person plus 出了名难搞, so I must on the ball TV features wall (on the right is a door to access to the balcony) Shoes cabinet ( on the left is a door access to the study room, we have actually convert the study room into 2 section with partition. Maid room and store room) Wife just told me maid that she has been promoted to store room supervisor
  11. ID also sales man I mean very good sales man. How ever there are some really good ID around As for my ID her knife is very sharp, sharper than her boss. Off course every thing there is a price to pay. The pay off is she delivery her promise, to me that's the most important things From what I know in the forum. There are ID and contractor over promise under deliver end up the house become lemon house I have found quote much cheaper but cheap thing don't come good and fast End of the day I don't want my family to sleep at road side if the ID can't handover the house 8 weeks to over haul an EM seems impossible. But she did it Just my 2 baht worth
  12. So... We should be seeing another T-blog on EM. Congrat on ur purchase and happy reno 😊
  13. especially year end before CNY project. all contract and ID sure mark up price
  14. Huat Ahhhh....... same same bro we can set a budget to the ID or contractor and tell them dont exceed if not we can also Ai Lai Mai Swah
  15. If u don't mind he can join me @ changi point. I can help him to chop a place if I go early