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  1. Hi can u contact me? ur mail box is full. i got some query

  2. Hi all ! Would anyone know how much and who could make a gate from a design I'd provide ? Did anyone design their own gate ? cheers and thanks !
  3. Hi curryfishhead, I'm looking for them myselves, don't know where to go
  4. I just signed with a contractor, waiting for permit to come through now hope all goes well, I guess I'll be less stressed when I'll see the walls falling down haha
  5. Trying to look for those at reasonable prices for my kitchen. Anyone can help ?
  6. not any response for these ? Artz Work gave me a very interesting quotation. And so far they have been very professional. I'm also waiting for a quote from Summit, ID is James Lee
  7. Now can ! Thanks alot
  8. Hi,

    I would like to offer my professional service to you as an Interior Designer. If you would like to see my design portfolio. Here is the address: www.be.net/eunicedes

    Feel free to email me at eunice.des@hotmail.com or contact me at 98532997 if you would like to know more how I can help you about for your upcoming design.

  9. Quite a bit but no worries looking for the right contractor is even more of a hassle than buying a flat....good luck with yours !
  10. Im looking to reno my 3R in the east too. can pm the quote and contractor ? thanks
  11. I just received a quote from Baroque and I found it super expensive. Quoting me for a 4R package of $23 888 (when my place is a 3R) and adding on items which added up to $39 000.
  12. Nice place you have !! can you pm me the cost and contractor contact ? thanks !