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  1. Hi I would like to bring to all forumers whose house is going to be done up by Space n Living. Think think think a million before doing so!!!!

    I have signed up with this manager named 'Steven Tan'. He is a real cheat & a gangster . We have very very bad experience with them. Extremely upsetting experiences. Scary!!!

  2. Hi Could you share your pictures of your lovely home ? Keen to have some idea and also if you still have your quotation.

    Getting a place in clementi too

  3. hi,

    my blk is 416 in casa, i am thinking to defer my key collection about 3 months. when is you key collection for your unit?

  4. Ic, 904 is in deeper Jurong West, very near to NTU. Anyway, ur new place is in a better location with many eateries nearby.
  5. Welcome. I like to drool over freshly renovated homes.. hee.
  6. Hi fellow 3-roomer, My new plc is also a 3 room HDB, glad to see another 3-room renovation going on. Ur floor plan is very unique, u got a L-shape spacious kitchen. Love! Thanks for sharing on the above, will definately bear it in mind when finalising my tiles.
  7. Really? Hee.. She's a nice ID & we can click well with her, this is one of the priorties when we are looking for our ID. Thank u very much for your recommendation, Anson.
  8. IPineapple, My fiance thinks it's a good deal. $529 inclusive of wall-mount brackets. Audio hse charge another $150 for the brackets. He also bought Mitsubishi Starmex System 2 at $1,699 inclusive of brackets. Cheap meh? I bought the Grohe Pink donut shower head, take advantage of the sales.. We r Kiasu Singaporeans, LOL... Even our Aug wedding also all almost done liao except for the invitation cards, so now juz waiting for the day to arrive.
  9. My unit not facing the sea. Yep near West Coast Plaza & the hawker opposite. Also, another nearby place to makan will be the market near Tanglin Sec. For chill-out & relax, can go Mc'd at West Coast park.
  10. Hi Franciz Welcome to Jurong West. I grew up in Jurong but will be moving away from Jurong in a few months time. Oh, what is your blk? HTb & me are currently staying in a rented EM at 407.
  11. I like ur dining table, that's what i'm also looking for. which Cellini did you go? Can share your damage?
  12. I like this! Fully leather, can choose with headrest or without. Cost almost 2K, so still looking around.
  13. Nice! Im also looking at white/black sofa. How much is the damage?