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  1. Wow... after so many years later... it's time to replace ALL la
  2. How come im not aware of endorsement fees? You didn't share with me...To all, buy 1 container of pods to try first, order further if you like it. I'm trying out some other stuffs, will share more...
  3. refreshing smell is the main, aside, it depends on which flavor you choose.Kim is da Jedi Master...
  4. I found some goodies, will share with you when you are back in town 😬
  5. Throw one pod into your washer before putting your clothes in. This is 3 in 1 pod. Make life much easier than using detergent, softerner etc.For bedsheets etc, 2 pods will do.
  6. Second Kim that it is not worth to buy from Amazon, best to buy locally without adding transformer especially kitchen products. Aside, I'm using U-Like bullet blender which is available in Tangs or OG. This is well known by local aunties but for its price tag, it works well. If you frequent Robinsons at Orchard, you can buy NutriBullet there. One brand to avoid at all cost, MAGIC BULLET! Kim is King here so we must to KIm For thermostatic mixer, it is better to stick to local fitting, by adding adaptor into the chain does not really helps, you will run into risk of wear and tear in that particular segment.
  7. I dont read the manual I read reviews and comments, as far as I know, the power adaptor runs on 120 to 240 input with output to DC. As such, it is usable in Singapore. I bought 2 sets, all are usable without transformer in my case. Ditto for Kim and Dragonite. 20v refers to the lithium ion battery in the handheld. The higher the voltage, the greater suction power it provides. It seems like Amazon don't ship them to SG anymore. Be patient and wait for it again.
  8. No need, I had written a short note just a few posts earlier. It covered all your questions.
  9. As far as I know, I'm skeptic when comes to 'induction ready' I ever bought a frying pan claiming induction ready but it simply can't work on Induction cooker. Why? it requires a full piece of induction plate, example; WMF. The 'induction ready' pan was not a full piece, the base plate was something like a 'net', lines of the net able to contact with my induction cooker. A pure induction cooker work this way only. If the so called induction cooker able to use that piece of 'induction ready' pan of mine, commonly know as thermal design. Differences between the two, if you take away the pan from the thermal cooker, heat continues, meaning you lay your hands on it, be prepared to get burnt. As for my Bosch induction cooker, the moment the pan leaves the induction cooker. Energy cut off, I can rest my hand there with no worries, it is a child proof cooker in my opinion! Back to Irobot, frankly speaking, get the roomba without the Touchpad design IF specifications are the same vs buttons control roomba. All I want is a simple functional vacuum robot zooming around the house to suck up every dusts it can reaches out. You will hardly touch the control base of roomba after inputting the settings into it. If you need roomba around, there is a remote to drive around. I check the bin once every 2 weeks, if you open your windows and door often when you are back home, might be weekly basis. Aside from the bin, make sure the brush roller is free from strips of hair struck at side, it will be a headache if you allow it to accumulate! Have fun!
  10. I'm not sure if I shared these before. Black+Decker BDH2000PL MAX Lithium Pivot Vacuum, 20-volt at usd67.99 (not the cheapest though but came down slightly from ~usd80, I bought 1 last year at the lowest ) http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00IOEFBKS/ It is a value for money portable vacuum cleaner, It can be bended at specific angle(take a look at the video), not heavy at all. Running on DC, which means no worries on voltage issues. If you are to hunt for similar specifications, 20v vacuum cleaner locally, it will costs you a tiny bomb! In my opinion, hard to shallow. Yesterday I carted out another set for my mummy which she finds it useful after witnessing how I used it at ease. Anyway into japanese whisky recently? You may consider these 2 items I carted out weeks ago. I find locally prices too mis-matched vs Amazon though USD had edged up since Black Friday last year. Tovolo King Cube - Spring Green at usd8.20 http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00395BD68/ Tovolo Sphere Ice Molds - Set of 2 at usd10.20 http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007ACTN54/ While everyone is so into Pods, I need to mention this good dish detergent for those with sensitive skin. A fair small amount will give you a squicky clean on your various kitchen wares. it smells good as well, so not just just Pods can give you nice smell! Seventh Generation Dish Liquid, Free & Clear, 25-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 6) Packaging May Vary at usd17.94 http://www.amazon.com/Seventh-Generation-25-Ounce-Bottles-Packaging/dp/B001FA1NTG/
  11. Kettle which is induction ready, plse elaborate more? What is the brand of your induction cooker you are using? Some are sensitive, make sure you bought the correct one. Recently, I finally found the kettle which is useable on my picky Bosch induction cooker. I need to :bow: to you Yes yes, reading but not replying because busy Which romba model are you looking at? Im using roomba 770. I was choosing between 770 vs 780 at that point of time when both are available. I suppose 780 is being replaced by newer models. Imo, both are okie but I dont need to LCD touch functions so I went for 770. Function over form if you understand where I'm coming from. With regards to irobot; well, I would say it helps me on daily basis, let me share on my personal views. When I reached home, I wont need to bother much on how dusty the floor is, I find it clean enough, ie; I dont see tiny dust balls, small particles along sideways, tiny strands of hair either here and there. I can tell you, the feel of the flooring being vacummed is SHIOK. However, it does not mean that you can duck the romba aside and forget it due to your specfic programnmes you had assigned on it. It is not a LAZY toy. Make sure you maintain it well, ie; empty and clean the drum regularly. It will prolong the life span further. Overall, It serves the purposes well, I'm in the market to replace it if it broke down. I'm a happy user for closed to 2 years. Just go ahead and try Ocean Mist, equally good as well! I'm using both flavours actually. Rotating both well frequently, always give you a different feel over your clothing http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0073RT0R2 Pop the pods in, very easy and shiok hor Did I told you look at it when you started your washing cycle, see how it is desolves? Quite fun to watch if you are bored.