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  1. Brand new in box sealed in plastic bag hello kitty ulgy duckling for sale at $30. Will deliver if location convenient. Interested SMS me at 96898243.
  2. Hi all, I have half a roll of corrugated cardboard going for $50. leftover from my renovations. Normally used for protection of the flooring and doors during renovations. Kindly contact me if interested. Delivery can be arrange. 96898243
  3. I have the artificial grass mats. PM me if you need.
  4. I went to Ikea's curtain custom services and was told that by looking at the photos of my living room and MBR, I am unable to install rods as there is a beam above the window. I can install the rods on the beam but that will leave a big gap between the windows and the curtain. looks like I have to go for tracks. Btw, for those interested, the Ikea's custom curtain have more ranges of farbric to chose. seems to me they are a sub-con.
  5. Hi pple, I am planning to do a day and night curtain for the living room and MBR but I am in a dilema as to use the rod or tracks for the curtains. Can anyone tell me the pro and cons of using rod or tracks? and also the price difference. Wife wants to use rod as can buy ready made ones in future which is cheaper but I see many RT members using tracks. TIA.
  6. Hi, I am sourcing for fabric sofas as well, I came across the water repellant fabric at lorenzo at furniture mall. You may want to check it out. Hope this helps. I will be popping by hommage later. Keeping my fingers cross that I can find a suitable one.
  7. HI Jerome, can you quote me the undermention package. Rinnai Hob RB-712N(G) and hood RH-992CT Rinnai Hob RB-3SS(GB) and hood RH-992CT Thanks.
  8. Hi 156, I will be starting my renovation soon and prefer to introduce after I have seen his works, once done, I will get back to you. cheers!
  9. Like what I say, its up to what the person is looking for in a kitchen top. I cannot stand scratches, silestone which is supposely scratch resistant is out of my budget so naturally granite is the only option left for me.
  10. I basically just use my key and went across the surface . Iquartz fair better than solid surface thou .
  11. I was in a dilemma like you, the pricing of the iquartz was just slighly more than the granite, but after I performed the scratch test, the choice was very clear to me. I chose the granite. But it is really up to you in what you need for a kitchen top. Happy choosing!