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  1. Wanted to shift from a rented room to my new 5 room flat. Called elite movers and made some arrangements. Receive the paper boxes 1 month in advance and started packing. on actual day the moving was extremly fast and organised. I will defintely use them again. I was also moving live stock(fish) and they took extra care in helping me make sure they are alright and secured before moving. Once again thumbs up
  2. wah 8 more days to 2nd appointment. so long. ya my house pretty near to PIE exit
  3. ya lor viewing also very tiring haaahaaa
  4. No worries la sister. Your dream house coming liao. So weekend now busy with viewing and more viewing?
  5. Haahaa replied to you liao. Haha
  6. yeah. my 2nd appointment coming liao. So excited but the wait is like so long
  7. Thank you. Thank you for all the well wishes. Now waiting for 2nd appointment which is 2 weeks from now. Why is it so long
  8. I am paying for professional services from the agents. Read my earlier posts. I said change agents cause some agents are sucky and some are always avoiding and not answering questions. Think about it would you wanna work with such agents when you are the 1 paying. I wouldnt for sure and i am lucky my last agent is like this. You have your view as a agent and i have my view as a buyer. My view is stand is that i am paying for commission and the agent need to be professional and adapt to me and not i adapt to the agent. As a buyer i should expose myself to all agents and options. Narrowing down to a agent just simply narrows down my option. I am a buyer ma so i sure selfish and care about myself more which i think most seller do. Somemore we are paying quite high in commision bro. Anyway sister if the agent you have knows you only use him and his attitude like that i rather you drop lor. He doesnt deserve his chance at all lor
  9. If that is the case dan don waste each party's time and i would move on. Besides the agent is not professional in his dealings then.
  10. me also went through same so i can understand. haahaa now waiting my 2nd appointment only. Cant wait :furious:
  11. Same i have the same thouhts. If agents think that they have only 25% chance of getting the commission and thus not putting in enough hard work dan i would defintely drop the agent. Shouldnt agents try their best and help us looks for our dream units. What about standing in the shoes of buyers that some of us are emptying our life savings (at least for me) to get a house that i like and i need to pay agent fees. I had 3 agents at the same time looking houses for me before i decided on my current house. But out of these 3 agents, the agent that helped me find my dream unit was the most hardworking and most on and fighting for us for the best prices. i paid him $5885 in commission (very hearth pain) but at least i knew that i paid to a agent who did his work and was pro active. Luckily i did know have an agent that only wanted to do some work and worried not to get commission.
  12. Ya i agree with you. I buey tahan laid back agents. I work my *** off to earn money. Now you are earning my $ and u wan to ai mai ai mai? If thats the case i rather mai. But sister other dan depending on the agent also do some reading. haahaa it does help. Cause some agents in order to close deal like to anyhow bomb n throw smoke grenade
  13. Ya lo thats what i do. i ti ti ask ask ask ask and even ask somemore. i pay commision ma so i deserve the answers also ma. cannot let him earn so easily right? my $ not easy to earn wor
  14. i pm you his number already. haahaaa