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  1. Nice! Can u share w me the cost u spent on Blum if possible what r the parts number u used? I'm very confusing with their catalogue. It will be good if they have some kind of kitchen planner software like ikea...

    Thanks for liking...frankly speaking I do not know how much is the blum as it was quoted to me together with all the carpentry and all was decided by my contractor so I also have no clue about what part numbers.

    sorry for not being able to help

  2. Renovation is considered completed with only minor touch up required and will be done over the next few weeks. Some furnitures and appliances are still pending to be purchase and I'm also sourcing for curtains and maybe blinds

    Let me share the pictures of my empty home, this is what everyone is waiting for :sport-smiley-004:

    Upon entry of main door stood my shoes cabinet


    Shoes cabinet with internal black PVC


    Shoes cabinet beside raw brick wall


  3. Hi kk85

    I have also been following your blog cos eager to see what new designs K will create this time, so pls share more pics :dribble::dribble::dribble:

    and I must say your place is turning out very well :thumbs up::thumbs up::thumbs up:

    the black framing from the TV console linking to the Lbox all the way is connecting with the black skirting so well.

    it really make an impact to the whole design.

    Congratulation to your renovation coming to an end soon... All the best :yamseng:

    Hi Pinkwhale

    Thanks for dropping by and also your sharing of Mr K contact.

    He had been of great help to our renovation and made us felt great at ease, making many decision for us as well as suggesting us many alternatives.

    I will be sharing my completed renovation pictures very soon

  4. Survey time !!


    This is my TV console, notice that the wooden plank is jagging out, this is the design from K, he suggested that this can help to make the TV console different. The husband feels the TV console looks a little weird this way while I kind of like this design by K. So I would like to seek everyone's opinion.

    Pls feel free to comment.

  5. After pausing for a while we are finally into the carpentry stage. Carpentry measurement was taken 10 days ago and now installation is on the way :sport-smiley-004::sport-smiley-004::sport-smiley-004:




    and oh ya aircon units are also up.



  6. Hi everyone once again, it had been ages since I logged in. Sorry for the MIA as I was oversea for a period of time and plus Mr K requested me if I can delay my renovation a little as he was very tight up his other projects which needed him to rush while mine is like super not urgent. Since I was outstation I thought might as well just let him take his time after he finished his other projects then come back for mine after I'm back.

    During my absence K got my window grilles installed

    Masterbed Room


    Common Room


    Living Room


    Service Yard


  7. Shower screen up for common toilet


    Shower screen for Master toilet


    But on closer look - the shower screen glass door can double up as the master toilet door... a 2 way glass door - a good suggestion from my contractor - can help to save money and at the same time an innovation idea.


    Surely some members do not like this idea, but this is good for me and my lifestyle

  8. My sincere apology for the delay in updates, I had been super busy with work and I couldn't catch up with my contractor's speed to apply the fixture on time, thus I told him to slow it down.

    Reno Update

    Completed pic of the brick wall in the Living room


    Box up done


    False ceiling and L box done


    L Box linking TV ledge - Idea from contractor


  9. Reno Updates

    Aircon trucking is up. I got the aircon from my contractor as well as I do not have the time to research and I'm kind of paranoid to get from Gain City. So I requested my contractor to handle everything for me.

    Mitsubishi Starmex System 4

    MBR trucking goes through the wall and into BR2


    MBR trucking and water pipes goes into the MBR toilet


    BR2 trucking




    Living Room


  10. Shower kerb in common bathroom - completed


    Cement top vanity counter in MBR bathroom - something different proposed by K


    Shower kerb in MBR bathroom - completed (This will be an interesting shower screen door also suggested by K based on my requirement, will share more after the door is up)


  11. Reno Update

    Brick wall in Living Room - completed (I'll probably be leaving it raw as well to enhance the industrial look and it seems like a popular choice here in Tblog.)


    Shoes Cabinet will be on the left side and cove light will be install at the top


  12. Reno Updates

    After one week of renovation, let me update some progress pictures. Some was sent by K while some taken by me during that one occasion visit to the site.

    Craftstone brick material


    False ceiling material


    Wall prepared for craftstone brick


    Kitchen cabinet base - Fridge side


    Kitchen cabinet base - Hob and Sink side


  13. Oh, is this Mr K. From pink whale blog? Nice to see you here neighbour! Wish you a smooth Reno.

    Hi Piknik

    Nice to see you neighbor, I had been reading your blog too. Wish you a smooth reno as well after the change of contractor.

    Yes, I got the contacts from Pinkwhale, she has a beautiful home. I hope K can do magic for my place as well, as I'm not as detailed as Pinkwhale and theitsby.

    But so far my confidence level for Mr.K is still quite high.