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  1. Yes like what Joel said is correct. That silver splitter is for tv points. If both your TV console & Study Room points are laid to shoe cabinet, then your wireless modem will have to be inside your shoe cabinet. FTP --- (using optic fibre cable, the yellow one) --> ONT ---> Wireless Modem ---> Cable link to your rj45s (TV Console & Study Room point). TV Console point will be directly connected to mio box. Your flat is not new bto flats right?
  2. $3k. =X Hmm now not so much of houseflies. But some fruit flies here and there. (No fruits in my house, I dont cook too)
  3. Hi all, I have pm-ed the contact to you. PS: If anyone who would like to find out more, can check out their fb page. The address is in my signature.
  4. Dining table & chairs are delivered too. Too black to see any details tho.
  5. My Hello Kitty Wall Sticker is Up! Designed by my hubby. To have a heart shaped & kitty head in the middle. Love it soooo much. Eiffel Tower Stickers for Kitchen Entrance Glass Door. To match my Eiffel Tower Dining Light. My Sofa is finally delivered. Supppppeeerrr comfy! 2 electric recliner seat + chasis. Watched Brazil vs Chile on my sofa. With the air con switched on, soft fluffy sofa and my hubby lap as pillow, I fell asleep after 30 mins of the game. LOL!! I thought I would get backache sleeping on sofa, but nope.. No backaches. Hahah! But there are some defects here and there like the 2 recliner seats will overlap each other abit causing the leather to break. Calibration error. I didnt pay them the final payment of $1k due to the defects. The boss told the delivery man that he will arrange a time to come down to my unit to access the damage. Here are some of the defects I took picture of.
  6. Haha Miichele, I ordered a carton of 80 pcs of melamine sponge from taobao without knowing its melamine sponge till I just googled the chinese name 纳米海绵 (Like 10 mins ago). Lucky I didnt have the time to go daiso to purchase. I'll wait for it to arrives and try it. It's super duper cheap in taobao. Like a carton of 80 pcs for SGD 8.21 (not inclusive of shipping cost to sg tho). Sure. Pm already. I purchased a 5m long LED strip. Cut into 2 (2.2m & 2.4m). 10m strip is very long. But he ask u get 2 drivers only? Pull out rack? Haha I also not sure. I only showed picture to my ID and he knows what I'm referring to. Hmm he didnt charge me for that so I dunno how much it cost. But i saw something like that in Hoe Kee, 175? Well, my case didnt go up to a HDB join survey. Alot of defects I just close 1 eye. So many uneven tiles. But I also see neighbours in the same project get BSC to hack and retile. But sometimes it get worse. Different coloured tile etc. So my hubby & I decide to "let it go" haha. We are moving it soon.. Maybe next week. So much hassle dealing with BSC. Somemore I'm the one doing all the liaising work for the whole reno. Stress! Soon nightmare is gonna be over.
  7. Hi Miichele, I did get BSC to do. They just plaster on the dents, smooth it and spray paint over it. The more they do, the worse it gets. I gave up on the window frames already. The curtains will cover them. Unless someone see the frame in details. They spray paint on the frames but also paint my window glass panels. Ask them to clean for me. Like at least 3 times. Last time I was there to supervise them clean. Really facepalm, the boy (looks like 14-16yo) wipe with thinner. But still have. I gave up too. Clean myself. LOL.
  8. Thanks! Congrats. Pm you already. Cool.. I have friends at 524A too.. =D Hmm I didnt notice. I only saw 1 millipede. But lots and lots of HOUSEFLIES!! Like a swamp of them in front of the rubbish chute at level 1. Sooooo irritating. 1 or 2 houseflies will fly in every time im there. =(
  9. Hmm... I ask my id to put shelving board in my utility box. So I have space to put everything inside. Lucky Singtel provided a multi plug, if not I can't have everything set up. Dunno will they charge me for that multi plug not. Lol. Hmm wireless for living room is still strong. For bedrooms, I will be putting asus ac68u in br2. So it will cover all bedrooms n toilets. Currently I don't have picture of my utility box and my db box. Once I take picture, I'll share it.
  10. He's good? Ya he is knowledgeable. He know his work well.. Hmm new hdb flats have concealed cat6 cables for telephone points (rj11).. I merely get this networking guy help me to convert the rj11 (3 bedrooms) to rj45. Singtel ONT & router are placed in my utility box.
  11. Aspialle, hmm I dont have the cost for just living room set. Total I spent around $1.6k on them.
  12. Status Update: Day 48 (14 June 2014) Today my ID hand over the unit back to us. There are some more touch ups to do but we will collate them all and he will arrange his guys to come back to touch up. Overall I'm quite impressed with his work and his passion for this field. Thumbs up for him! He indeed fulfilled his promise.. He really did monitor the progress very closely. He will update me with pictures or progress status when I'm at work. I will go down after work to see what has been done. Very detailed and experienced ID who knows what he is doing. Listens to our wants and needs and plan & advice us accordingly. He is also very prompt at replying my whatapps msg. Like 80% of time is almost immediate! Very ONz.. haha. Curtains are installed today as well.. I love them sooooo much.. Day & Night Curtains @ MBR Close up @ Day & Night Curtains Timber Blinds for BR2 & BR3
  13. Thanks jair. I cant provide breakdown cost to be fair to my ID. http://www.renotalk.com/forum/topic/64878-modern-cozy-home-greenleaf/?p=848953 MBR is cove lighting (using t5s) & 2 x 18W LED downlight Kitchen, Toilets, BR 2 & 3 ceiling lights are from taobao.
  14. Sorry I dont get what you mean. Get what for my MBR, 2, 3 and toilet? I really hope all the nightmare is over and I can move in smoothly. I think there's alot of defects complaints from alot of owners. I wonder why soilbuild standards can get pass the inspection. Jiak Lui one lor.
  15. Wah like this very tight leh. It might take a while to get the defects rectified you know? Mine now still doing. =( 2 ponding area in my MBR toilet Toilet Stains & Grout for common toilet. Spray paint stains on window panels.
  16. Thank you, Jacks! Hmm I've pm you the contact but I wont be able to share the breakdown to be fair to my ID. Get it!! Hmm I'm not sure about the cost. It was inclusive in the carpentry work. Thanks Manzurd. I pm you too..
  17. Pm u liao. Yup solid veneer doors. Done! I submitted all my documents online on 13 Feb. Collected our keys on 11 Mar. I think its Aventos HK.. Hmm u might want to get the one with no changing lights. but i do feel that its not bright enough. I would probably change the whole light if it's spoilt.
  18. Thanks Freezy.. I did not install any ceiling fan..
  19. Status Update: Day 41 (07 June 2014) Yontat Doors came for door installation. Our of 5 doors, we rejected 2 doors. Overall the workmanship is generally acceptable. After installation is complete, you have to be careful of wood splints, tiny bits of wood on the floor. Took him around 4-5 hours to install 5 doors up to frame (3 doors with lockset & door stopper - cuz other 2 doors have to take down and return back). While he is installing the doors, i noticed 2 defects on 2 doors. The 2 "holes" are at eye level. When we feedback to the installer, he say it is caused by the machine. It is nothing, he said. And another had a dent and the laminate flipped up. He just push it down and say will glue it back. =.= But the hard fold line is sooo obvious. We called the office and this lady is very nice and agreed to change the 2 doors for us. So the installer had to uninstall the 2 affected doors. Status Update: Day 42 (08 June 2014) Hmm.. some glass works done on sunday. My tv feature wall glass is up! Kitchen glass door is also up but need to re-locate it so I didnt take pictures. One side of my kitchen backsplash is also up, yet to silicon. Once it's completed, will share the pictures. =D
  20. Aspialle, most likely in july. Haha anxious to collect keys right? Hmm ya feels good to see the reno completing soon. But there are couple of things that didnt go according to what I initially expected. Some miscommunication in between.. Not easy to handle everything by myself with the ID.
  21. Yes if both toilets are in use at the same time. Even if not using heater, the water pressure will be more or less affected when 2 toilets in use at same time. If you want good water pressure, storage tank heater will be a better choice for you. THanks Songz. My shopping for furnishings are almost done. Now is to wait for them to be delivered on 05 July!
  22. Status Update: Day 36 (02 June 2014) Countertop UP! Now left my black glass backsplash & hob yet to install. The colour difference on floor tiles is due to the light shone by LED strips. Just noticed that my wall tiles are uneven but its ok since i'm covering it with black glass. Drawer inside a drawer. My Bennington C600. Note that HDB got the piping wrongly labelled. The blue sticker should be red pipe & vice versa. =.= My LED Strip hidden in there.
  23. Cool u starting shipping in stuff before you collect keys? haha.. i dont have space to store or i order after collect keys. Good buy for the bedside table. Im going for 2nd batch of taobao too.. buying 1 sofa side table and some cute stuff.