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  1. Hello88, U sound so sad to hear that have sold your EM. I liked your kitchen v much and got a lot of tips from your previous postings. I love the feature wall where Mother Mary status was. It looks so serene. Where is your new place? Hope u settle in soon.
  2. anthylau, Air conditioning the house is a big challenge for us. HDB doesnt allow us to have 2 compressors. So we installed a system 4 and have 2 portable aircons. It takes 2 spilt units and 2 portable to cool the living and dining area. If we switch on aircon on the lower level, cant on the upper level Anyway, electricity is so expensive nowadays so we hardly on the aircon on the lower level. Hello88, Cool .... 50 members!!!
  3. i did flooring and changing all accessories for kitchen toilet and 3/4 overhaul on the other 2.
  4. $130k??? gosh i will also faint must be a v major overhaul! i think $35k for a semi overhual is q reasonable. i did mine for around that price and still manage to get all the floor changed and carpentry for living area, kitchen and MBR. One thing I realised is that contractors tend to mark up so if u get some of the stuff directly fr the supplier, it can also save u a bit more money.
  5. Hello! It's been a long long time since i last posted on this forum....so glad to see that it's still v much alive. Hi Huff puff, Another bishan EM'r wh block r u in? We may be neighbours How much did u pay for your unit?
  6. i notice those of u staying at hougang have got a big utility room. I presume that's a store. so lucky. my store is just a small area under the stairs and i kenna bumps on the head coming in and out of that small and short store !! Anyone used Alumix for their wardrobes? i'll be using them to do the MBR wardrobes. Just wonder how is the workmanship.
  7. hello88, almost completing... just short of installing the Alumix sliding door for the MBR cabinet/ WIW/store, carpeting the staircase and installing curtains. In the meantime, we do our unpacking first. Kitchen tiles r 4 by 2 in 1 tile.
  8. mitoev91, hi 5, u also like ang-ang kitchen? i love my kitchen colour too... but i think it's a pity i didnt make it all red instead. what color solid top r u using?
  9. It depends on what u want. Before u do the reno, talk to several contractors/ ID before u decide. My reno cost is in the $30-35k range... that's bec i didnt do any false ceiling or have lots of carpetery work.
  10. I suppose some people will go all the way out to pay for a flat they like. Just pray that yours is something these pp would pay to have. I know someone who had just signed an OTP to purchase a 30 yr old 5 rm HDB flat with sea view in Marine parade for more than 700k.
  11. I asked this question to the door contractors. Their reply all the same "so long as door is more than 3m fr the staircase is ok even if ur unit is next to staircase"... so, i'm changing to a normal solid door. Contractor quoted me $420 including the lockset. I checked around with those advertisers in the classified ads. Range from $380 to $450.
  12. eh? u also like ang ang kitchen...hi-5... same as me... but yours is all red? i mixed with a bit of silver and kind of regretted ... all red would be really outstanding! Red is taboo??? how come leh? sorry... me not really into FS thingy. thought red is good luck mah.
  13. $660k???? so still got chance for our EM to go up that high. 30 years!!! I'll be 60 plus ... i dont want to work till 60 leh maybe should go try "quick pick" $2.
  14. that's lagi better... too bad i dont know how to buy toto ...maybe some kind soul teach me?