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  1. I was about to purchase sofa from them when I couldn’t locate their FB page anymore under St Paris. It was being deleted it seems. Disappointed as they were offering really good warranty promises and prices comparing to most places. Then I came across this page. Then I saw another page ‘The Millennium Sofa’ which has the same address at 56 Pudding Road #04-01. They have the same description and pictures (with a different water mark) of the sofa as St Paris. So I leave it to you guys what to think.
  2. Let me add some of mine here. 1) NEVER allow Citygas to do installation of pipings by themselves. Be there to ensure the job is done properly or be prepare to be PISSED all over. Its a long story but i will post some pictures for you guys to see. 2)ALWAYS state the deadline. Delay should cost them money. I didn't state the deadline, now i am paying the price. 3) DO NOT ENGAGE ANY FRIENDS OR RELATIVE AS YOUR CONTRACTOR OR ID.