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  1. Am replying in case anyone else finds this useful. The fan is fixed in place. It cannot be opened like a window. No issue with the 15WUD fan. Perhaps the other model has stronger suction? In any case it works fine. My ID charged me $50 in 2012, but I'm pretty sure that was discounted. It's probably $200 now. Hard to say how much it costs as some contractors will only do the housing but you have to provide the fan (which means extra $), whereas others provide everything. Also, the workmanship varies tremendously. Let's just say there are many ways to secure a fan to the window. Whether chio or not is a different matter
  2. Sorry! I only just saw your message. Yes, after 2.5 years. Don't know why I wasn't notified earlier. Anyway, am replying in case anyone else finds this useful. The box was provided by HDB. I believe all BTOs either come with concealed pipes, or the pipes are boxed up by HDB.
  3. Wah like that ah. Hmm sounds like major job. Need to think about it. Should have thought about this during first time reno! Thanks for your advice!
  4. Good idea! Here's a photo. The red line is where I hope to install the new aircon. The black line is where the existing trunking runs. To me it looks possible. Just need to cut a hole in the area where the new aircon will be mounted, then run the piping through it to the other side. I assume the inside of the false ceiling is hollow. But maybe more complicated than that. Any advice will be appreciated!
  5. Hello, I live in a standard 4 room BTO HDB. I initially installed aircon in the bedrooms. But after 1 year, I now wish to install one in the living room too. The existing trunking runs through a false ceiling so it's hidden. Is it possible to run the new trunking through it? Or will I have to redo it? Thanks!
  6. Never heard of the brand. We use Crestar and have been very happy with it. We upgraded the bulb too, but it's not LED. We simply got a bigger bulb from the shop. It shouldn't void your warranty. Our socket was rated for 60W (there's a sticker that says max. 60W), which was the standard wattage for old filament bulb. A CF equivalent only uses a fraction of that so we had no problems using an even brighter CF bulb. I'd just you get a ceiling fan that uses standard E27 screw on bulbs. Less trouble. There are even screw on LED bulbs now. Would avoid anything that would require special parts.
  7. Hello, Can someone recommend a place which sells stainless steel sinks for the service yard? Doesn't have to be too big, just big/deep enough to do hand wash etc. Looking for a basic wall mounted one. Thanks!
  8. Gas heater is pay as you go, whereas storage heater is pay upfront (because must heat the entire tank of water, regardless of whether you use up all the hot water). For those of you with gas heater, do you have an issue with the exhaust fan switching on automatically? I have a Macro water heater and the fan comes on automatically quite often. Just the fan. The heater remains off. I notice it happens whenever the block's water pump switches on. I suspect that causes a very small surge in pressure which triggers the exhaust fan as the heater thinks the tap is turned on. Anyone else have this problem?
  9. As I understand it, there are two kinds of cement screed. The first is a "self-leveling" type which is what HDB uses in its corridors because it's easier to apply. It "flattens" out itself so you can apply it quickly The colour tends to be uniform. The second type is an more traditional mix that requires more skill to apply well. That was the type my ID used, and the effect was quite nice. I personally think the skill of the workman also matters. I went to someone's house and the cement screed floor was awfully done. Maybe it just wasn't to my taste but it looked really messy and uneven. It didn't help that the ID tried to do a "cloud effect" by sprinkling coloured cement powder on top of the screed. That requires artistic talent and sadly, I don't think it really worked out. As for epoxy, it will make the floor more durable, but it will also make it glossy. I personally don't like that look. Lacquer is an alternative, and the finish will be matt, but the amount of protection will be a lot less. Some don't even bother with a layer of coating because they want to achieve a worn in, smooth and naturally glossy look that will develop after months of mopping and walking around. Apparently kampung houses used to have this look. Ultimately, it depends what kind of effect you're going for. I think cement screed makes your house different, but it's not the easiest surface to maintain. You must be prepared for stains and cracks. Some say this adds character, but others cannot stand it. Cement screed should also be cheaper than tiles. At least that's my experience. But I heard it may lower your flat's valuation. Having lived in my place with cement screed for a year, I would say it's something I'd do once in my life, and it fits into my current raw theme, but will probably go with something more conventional in future if I move house /renovate again because a wet cement screed floor can be quite slippery and isn't the most child/elderly friendly surface.
  10. Dryin standing clothes dryer for sale. Not your conventional tumble dryer, but dries by blowing warm air from the bottom up. This is gentler on your clothes. It is essentially a wardrobe which circulates warm air to dry your clothes. Details here: http://dryin.com.sg/ Review here: http://www.herworldplus.com/solutions/road-test/review-portable-clothes-dryers Only a few months old. Selling for only $50 (1/3 of retail!). Selling because we've moved house and it takes up too much space in our service yard. Self collect @ Yishun. SMS 98234100 or reply here.
  11. How do you find your gas heater? I'm using a Macro digital one, which looks bigger than yours. I find the exhaust fan comes on randomly even when the heater isn't in use. Like every few minutes it'll come on and blow for about 5s, then switch off. I donno if that's normal or not.
  12. Hello, For those using the Macro MA-10FE gas water heater (pic below), do you find the exhaust fan switches on randomly even when the heater is not in use?
  13. Looking forward to reading this. Am curious to find out more about the gas dryer.
  14. As good as new Scanteak Vinkel KING sized bedframe for sale at $700 (almost 50% off retail). Dimensions: 2030mm x 1900mm x 700mm Photos: https://picasaweb.google.com/103181544948273527820/ItemsForSale#5901131940792873890 https://picasaweb.google.com/103181544948273527820/ItemsForSale#5901131942130816674 Scanteak's website (note dimensions are for a queen sized bed): http://www.scanteak.com.sg/catalogue/bedroom/wooden-beds/39503-vinkel-5ft-queen-bed About a year old, but only used a few times because I was overseas. Am downgrading to a queen sized bed now because a king's too big for my room. Delivery not included. Frame can be disassembled into 4 pieces and transported in a MPV with seats folded down. SMS 98234100 if interested.
  15. My kitchen doesn't have overhung cabinets so I have no personal experience with them but this thread my answer your question: http://www.renotalk.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=46323&st=0&p=695195&hl=+kitchen +cabinet +counter +height&fromsearch=1entry695195