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  1. anyone uses or used a whirlpool fridge? am thinking of getting whirlpool but can't seem to find any review on their fridge...
  2. my advice - don't ask what's the standard the most important thing is the height of the user no point have to bend or stand on stool to prepare food just because the standard height is xxcm...
  3. any recommendation for built-in single burner gas hob?
  4. hehehe, been busy playing games on fb ;p getting kind of addicted to the games
  5. wah wah wah very tempting leh... :wub:
  6. awww kimi is growing to be so pretty :wub:
  7. hi rummi, long time no 'see' actually i like the DIY stuff better check out the blog, there is one post on how someone hid the litter box in a ikea low cabinet really ingenious how they make use of existing structures and more so when you see what they do to reduce tracking to almost non-existant!
  8. hi hi deathcoth, it's been such a long time! i think hor, this contest only for those residing in US leh they don't ship overseas wor but but but, this blog has really interesting stuff for cats only thing is all very expensive...
  9. hi hi xlan, sorry for not replying great to hear that most of the 'ma fan' stuff are done can totally understand the relief when everything is finally settled
  10. hahaha you sure did miss the makan session and the doggie session earlier today too ;p so far no arrangement for next gathering will update you via mobile phone the next time, easier right?
  11. eh where is the cafe ah? me got no car so cannot bring sheepcat big apple went fishing...
  12. your cooking good leh, especially the chicken can cause sasha and peanut try so hard to jump onto the table :lol: see you at the cheese party
  13. yes yes big apple going too so what should i be bringing? let me know here, fb or sms me also can
  14. aww shucks, then i think not easy to claim liao well, most important thing is you are recovering take care and hopefully we'll be able to arrange a visit to your place
  15. hihi, happy to hear that you are back home you injure at work? if yes can claim workman comp some more they should pay for your mc mah why you must compensate???
  16. sigh the outing was cancelled coz most can't make it... think the next time we meet will be at angelwrath's place
  17. yes it's on and it's in the evening shall we say 7pm at bliss?
  18. hi BunBun, thanks for the great link very interesting FURniture they've got there are you joining us next saturday?
  19. try drinking through straws at least your throat won't have to suffer so much
  20. first time i heard got stitches :jawdrop: still can go lah worst come to worst you watch us eat nia mah :notti:
  21. :~ sob sob yes they like to attack me very much think i'll just wear jeans and long sleeve that night
  22. it's located in punggol park and yes it's dinner think it'll be too hot there for lunch
  23. then mai tu liao, confirm 30th at bliss liao lah attendees 1. jaren 2. val 3. angelwrath 4. me MaCe, you on boh? just :notti: is not an answer wor cantona7, you on? how about bluberi, compassvale, skywolf? btw, any idea if greycat is back by then?
  24. i'm interested leh, can keep a copy of this month's for me? if that's the case, then we go to bliss? how about the last saturday of this month 30th?