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  1. Here are the pictures of the affected areas where we need some carpenter help...This are the area where we need to address when we go change aircon...as mentioned, our trunking used PU foam...so the only way is to remove it and replace the tubings/wirings inside by removing this trunking... Appreciate some help...thanks guys! 1. Bedroom 2 Built-in Wardrobe...Aircon Trunking goes into the wardrobe... 2. Aircon Trunking from Bedroom 2 goes through the common toilet and is boxed up (easiest issue) 3. Aicon trunking from bedroom 1 goes into the master-bedroom feature wall
  2. GiLBs

    Boxed-Up Aircon Trunking

    This will be the affected areas when i deal with an aircon replacement...carpenter needed to entertain such work...
  3. Is there any simple way to add? I have the pix ready...but seems like not that straight forward attaching here...
  4. Guys...need help...any carpenter to recommend for something need to rectify at home. After 10years...i am planning (or shall i say I need) to change my bedroom aircon... The problem is during the early days, it leaked and it was resolved by putting PU foam on the trunking...So now i need to change the aircon, some of the trunking are boxed-up...so we need to remove 3 items... 1. Walkway boxed up pillar - Less of an issue... 2. Bedroom Feature wall (toilet side) 3. Wardrobe - trunking pass through I think it is not impossible but doable but we need someone to assist (carpenter)... Any recommendation??? I've seen other post...but all seems to be doing new furnitures...care to help???
  5. Kitchen Drainage choke...need a plumber... anyone to recommend??? Who;s this uncle Johnny, can he do it??? Please sms me at 92201527 for his number
  6. If you need a good and consider BEST one... go to Gleneagles... Dr. Christopher Chen...
  7. Is tt right? Even went to HDB...never do anything.... if i remember correctly... i read over the hdb website that there is some topic that regards to this issue. They even mentioned that we shld increased our level of tolerance because of the kind of housing we lived in (yeah right! from 11pm til early morning... how to increased tolerance).. They mentioned also that there is a place to complain and both parties will be called up..and settled there... if the one being complain does not cooperate...they mentioned that HDB can revoked their flat from them... (that if i remember reading that... dont flame me)... wait are you serious??? ur returning ur unit to HDB?? just because of thus case? but the only choice we have is to buy a landed property....just to avoid this kind of issues... or buy a unit which no one stayed above you....or get the top most floor.. I cant consider giving up this flat....this is our first flat...we kinda like the place, view, surrounding... im staying sengkang... besides..the money we spend for the renovation will be a big waste..... Forgot to mentioned on my last posting... The elephant above us is wide awake... imagine.... its F*****G 2 in the morning!! what the **** those people doing upstairs!! maybe i should get a very loooonggg concrete nails and nail it all on our ceiling so the pointed edge can go through their flooring...and with that they can no longer walk!
  8. im already almost my 10th month here....and still not getting use to it...
  9. Yeah...actually that's my plan now... at least chinese new year already over so maybe this weekend will bring along my family with me upstairs for a small chat.... hope it will be resolve *praying* By the way.. what do you mean 3rd party? Actually i was thinking of calling the police at one point...but i said...let it be...as its chinese new yr time...
  10. Hi..I think my neighbour upstairs is keeping an elephant. I've been staying in my house for 9 months now... and i think 85-95% of those days..my neighbour upstairs are very inconsiderate. The way they walk is like they have an elephant staying with them. It's like you can hear the "boom..boom..boom" when someone walks. I think they are trying to let us know where exactly they are on their house.. And not only that... together with that is they keep moving furnitures or dropping something. I've tried to tolerate it...as what can we say, this is the kind of housing type we lived in. But guess what they start to create such noises... it will normally start around 1030pm.. and will last 3:30am(latest so far..maybe cannot tahan i already slept).... I can tolerate them if from day time til maybe 10pm.. but midnight til very early morning.. how can people tolerate it? Anything i can do about this issue? Anyone experience or have same experience like this? Hope you can share...
  11. I got one at home...i tell you...this is fantastic set...looks is very nice and modern.. plus Philips ambisound rocks!... now no need to worry of cables here in there.... Superb set!!..if you got extra $..... u wont regret!