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  1. Hey Blue, how's the new place? Time flies...when we last chatted...you were about to start reno!

    Beautiful! LOVE LOVE LOVE the kitchen! you know I am a fan of colours..and the rusty cupboard laminate!

    Sorry for the late reply! Time really flies! Moved in for about 3 weeks now... Haven't finish unpacking yet. Went on one work trip and going for another soon. I wonder if I will ever get around to decorating my place...

  2. Yes, agree that TB is addictive! I bought lamps, silk worm quilt, 5 dusbins (!), clock, side tables cum storage and many other small things. It's a gamble... do check reviews before buying but I have to say, tb's reviews are not that trustyworthy... It's only when products is super bad then ppl make noise. It is a norm to give "excellent rating" and if you give 中评 (average rating), some sellers will scold you one!

  3. Hi there! Yours seems like a condo yeah? How many people will stay here? If yours is a small family, can consider round dining table with custom made curved dining bench against the wall. Or perhaps you could hack the wall between dining table and kitchen to accommodate island cum dining table, then push the yard further into the existing WC?

  4. Hi blueucheeze.. u hv lots of unconventional touches special to u only.. cool!! :good:

    This is what they call, a really personalized home. It oozes with the owners taste and overall feel of how they are...

    Am I correct Blue? ;p

    Thanks! Ya, of course home must reflect the owners taste and liking, and of course must be comfortable as well. What's the point of spending so much on renovation if it's not your cup of tea right? hehe :P I think reno is only one part, gonna put in some effort in styling the house!

  5. Presenting... the kitchen! I'm so glad I took the risk and chose this bright glossy orange laminate, it really complements the wash-out effect Peranakan floor tiles.


    Got 2 heart attacks on carpentry installation day. First, we found out the top cabinet is too tall such that our hob to hood distance is shorter than the recommended distance. Already gave carpenter the drawing for this and he didn't follow. Grrr. I cannot accept this and asked him to modify it. He did it very fast, no questions asked; I guessed he realised it's his mistake.


    2nd heart attack is when carpenter told us he couldn't install the full height cabinet next to the island. Why? Cos contractor happily asked solid surface guys to install it before carpentry when usually it's done after carpentry. The solid surface was jutting out at the side so cabinet can't go in. zZZzzz. Boh bian lor, have to dismantle the solid surface and trim it.

    People, if you want to opt for concrete based structure constructed from hollow blocks, please take note hollow blocks do take up some depth and you should provision for this cos in the end your carpentry space will be smaller if yours is the standard 600mm. Again, dear contractor didn't highlight this to me. If he did, I would have asked for a deeper island. :bleah:

  6. Finally some pictorial updates! Carpentry installation began last Thurs and it is not done yet.


    A small shoe cabinet, suspended to make it look less bulky and so as to put my Timberland boots below it. Initial plan was to use lacquered raw plywood for the frame but carpenter says until it's very ex and alot work. ZZzz. In the end I settled for a wood laminate, didn't like how the wood grain look like although I chose this based on sample piece. Self consolation - at least the front door is nice. :bleah:


    Didn't want the usual kind of wardrobe design. Finally came out with industrial vibe wardrobe which is inspired by something I saw in magazine. A rusty effect laminate is complemented by the black wire mesh. On hindsight, I should have divided bottom drawers into two "columns" instead of three cos drawer space is rather tight.

    Contractor and carpenter were not supportive of my design, keep stressing "it's complicated". One of them suggested using those glass with wire mesh within, but that doesn't give the feel I want! And both of them didn't want to help us source for the wire mesh. Fine, I go source myself lor. I'm so glad I did not gave in to them! :jammin:

  7. Today Mr E went to ask the furniture shops at BB Central and we were quoted $400-500 to do new cushions for the 3-seater sofa (1 big back piece + 1 big seat piece). Excluding cushion covers which sewing is around $150-200 (fabric self-supplied). Price ok? The sofa length is around 2 meters.

    Er, do these shops do themselves or they send to factories to do? Cos Kim Hwee does the upholstery themselves. I went to their office which is their factory actually. Perhaps you can email them pix of your sofa and ask for quotation?

  8. Try this for re upholstery. Havent use them though, bookmarked it fr some where for ref

    Yong Huat Industries

    (BLK 60 #01-09 Seng Poh Lane Singapore 160060

    +65 62237659.

    Opens Mon-Sat 1030am-7pm.

    Aiya, I search high and low, can't find YH's exact address... only know a rough gauge of its location from some ppl online. and you have it!

    I sent my chair to "tumpang" at Kim Hwee sofa industry but haven't buy my fabric yet. Hehe. Makan, i think I passed you this contact before right? If you need let me know.

  9. Haidechen, hope you don't mind me kaypoh help u answer ok!

    May I knw where did u get this lamp n price?

    This lamp is from Koda. As for price you gonna wait for haidechen to reply.

    Hi, how you put the speaker in the tv console?

    The speaker is built-in within the TV console.. and if I remember correctly, it's from Grafunkt

  10. Ah, you getting keys tomorrow, like FINALLY! Congrats! :sport-smiley-018:

    How about Gwen @ My Home Vintage? Nice lady and decent prices. Or Joanne's Vintage?

    I am now deciding to buy more Dumex stuff or not BUT if I don't control myself, I'll run out of display place at our new place (though Only getting our keys tomorrow LOL). So I can only buy extremely rare / beautiful / irresistible pieces now!