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  1. Very long never update already. Rushing to move in after lunar 7th month is over. Basically all the renovation is completed and key was handed over. Again, purchasing and spending money is unavoidable... Bought the following items.... 1. 2 kids cabinet from ikea 2. book shelf from ikea 3. sofa from Seahorse 4 kettles + airport + kitchen ware from metro (not because cheap, its because nearby) Now moved in with empty empty de house. Recently just arranged courts to send in my bed, gain city to send in my washing machine and fridge.... Soon i will start upload pics... now very messy....
  2. Finally my lightings are completed, at least I can go back see see look look after work without having to use my mobile phone torch. Time for sharing some pictures My favourite dining light - Eiffel tower light Walkway Light - (If you notice there is a slight dent at the top part of the lamp, need to get my electrician to bent it back ) Service Yard Light - I like this comfortable feeling with this light, really got nostagic feels...
  3. Last monday went to Best denki warehouse sales at paya lebar. Bought a Samsung 40inch LED tv, Samsung home theatre system and Rowena Vacuum cleaner. Wanted to buy a 47 inch Samsung TV at $999, but ended up didnt as they dont have built in digital tv tuner. Maybe one day i might unsubscribe my starhub due to some reason, so its better to get a tv with tuner. So the next best deal is the 40 inch LED tv @ 639. Samsung 40 inch LED TV UA40H5303 http://www.samsung.com/ie/consumer/tv-audio-video/television/led-tv/UE40EH5000KXXU - spec is something like this. googled my tv model but all viet website. Samsung Home Theater http://www.samsung.com/hk_en/consumer/tv-av/home-theater/blu-ray-hometheater/HT-F5500K/ZK Rowenta RO5445 http://www.electrictung.com/en/%E5%85%B6%E4%BB%96%E9%9B%BB%E5%99%A8-Other-Appliances/ro5445 (Probably the only readable website with specs)
  4. Not yet. Will collect end of this month after my delivery.
  5. I bought most of the lighting from taobao. Biggest problem lies with the picture shown on the internet, the brightness may not be as accurate as shown on website. I bought about 7 different lights from taobao, 3 have issues. 1 is cracked casing, but got free replacement from seller. another one is LED bulb got problem, cannot light up, still trying to get my daigou to talk to seller. last one is dents found on my hanging lights, but can twist it back, just that not so nice only. Price wise, really save about half compared to local price. Buying from local shop may not grant u the assurance that the light will be in good condition and the shop boss will entertain u if the lights are faulty. Just that even taobao seller want to replace another light for u also got to wait for 1 - 2 weeks for the item to send it over.
  6. I got my curtain at fabulous curtain from Jeff. Recommended by my neighbours living around my area. Price definitely not the cheapest but reasonable.
  7. Bought my Mitsubishi Heavy Industries System 3 aircon from Tim Wong in renotalk. Been calling him during one of the saturday morning til afternoon to book an appointment 2 weeks in advance, but his phone is off. So called his office and one of the guy say he is not around in office, and will get Tim to call me back on monday. But i wait til for 1 week til i remembered that i need to book a date for installation, so tried to call his mobile again, and cannot get through again. Thinking that there is a possibility that i kanna scam since i already paid a deposit , so i decide to call him on monday. And finally he pick up his phone on monday, he then explained to me that he will go back to Malaysia during weekend, thus he will off his phone. Nonetheless, i told him i insisted on booking the date i originally wanted since its not my fault that its became so last minute. The office guy who picked up the phone supposed to ask him return call but he didnt inform Tim. Anyway, he finally squeeze my installation into a weekday afternoon since i dont need a 2nd appointment. Installation in progress...... Installed.... As 2 of the front panel of the aircon is slightly dented, i requested his installer to inform Tim to change for me. He supposed to bring down the panels and get the installer to change for me, but because they got another appointment, they just left me alone to wait for Tim, kinda pissed off a lil bit. When Tim reached, he only brought down 1 panel due to miscommunication with his installer, so he went back to bring the 2nd piece and i wasted another 1 hour. Well, seeing him rushing here and there to change my panel, i also cant bring myself to angry with him... Workmanship wise still ok la, maybe i just suay, if not it supposed to go smoothly...
  8. After writing in to my daigou, they helped me to talked to seller and they send in the cover FOC. My washing machine base have completed, but it seems smaller than expected. And my electrical work is on the way.
  9. Went to open up the lights that bought from taobao to prepare for installation. Super unfortunately, my ceiling light got crack thou still able to lock it, not sure if the daigou got open up and check the goods physically. Gek xim, emailed to the daigou to see if there is anyway that i can do exchange.
  10. Cement screed is completed, So my ID went ahead to do tiling for my living room. Bedroom will be doing laminated flooring, so gonna wait til the end of renovation then do the wood tiling. Before After
  11. Here u goes... Iphone Light (Now price is cheaper than what i bought... gek sim) - http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=37523370994&spm=2014.12193480.0.0 Dining Light - http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=37743606251&spm=2014.12193480.0.0 Normal ceiling light - http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=37622595947&spm=2014.12193480.0.0
  12. Bought some lighting stuffs from taobao for my home... Not sure how good is the quality and how nice it gonna turn out. But the price is seriously cheap. Apparently taobao is the trend for youngster who doing renovation nowadays. My master bedroom. Toilets light Dining Light
  13. thats what i gonna do. i have not arrange delivery, so without that invoice i cant collect it.