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  1. Hi Tootiesiang, My fan is a HAIKU Composite Kutoku and it bought it at the following address: UNIVERSAL UNION 710 Geylang Rd Singapore 389625 Tel: 6749 0007 You need to pre-order early if you are interested because it is in demand. For the electrical wiring, the contractor cut grooves on the ceiling and laid the cable in it. You can refer to the first page of this t-blog to see it. It is a super dusty and super messy job. Hope it helps. Bigbull
  2. Hi RenoJoy, To be honest, I haven't cleaned it yet. It is still looking good and I would probably use a vacuum cleaner and change the regular head to a brush and clean it. It should suffice. Bigbull
  3. Hi KopiKia, I got it from Logan's and it cost me $1800. This is a customized piece. Here is the address. 100E Pasir Panjang Road Century Warehouse #01-02 Singapore 118521 Hope it helps. Bigbull
  4. Hi Kelhy, Sorry for the super late reply. This is the picture. What you described is correct. Is it still neat? My AV Receiver is Marantz NR1602 and it cost $1400+ with the 5:1 JBL Speakers. Do check if the AV receiver can pipe all the picture and audio from the different players to the TV. The newer ones should have no problem but please do a bit of research on this. I am not really into the AV system so I can't advise what system to go for. Hope it helps. =) Bigbull
  5. Ya, alternatively, you can paint over it?
  6. Hi Kelhy, Here's the picture. I have a AV receiver, a X-Box, a Blu Ray player and a CPU on the other side. Basically, I have a multiplug running to each of the cabinets on the sides. I got Logan to bore a hole that is big enough for it to run through. After that, I had all the equipment to connect to it for power. For all video and sound, the Blu-Ray, X-Box and CPU are connected to the AV receiver and I just have 1 HDMI-cable going out from the cabinet from the Av Receiver to the TV. Hope you are not confused. Bigbull
  7. Hi Eustoma, My contractor did the way you mentioned and yes, there is some slight and small cracks on the white cement but you got to take a close look in order to see it. Most people paint a layer of white paint over it (That should cover up the cracks), but I chose to leave it in the orginal state. I like it the way it is. You can refer to the FIRST page of this T-Blog for a better view. Hope it helps. Bigbull
  8. Hi Ynas, Sorry for the late reply. I got my louvre doors from my Kelvin Tee, my contractor. It is $1200 (equal lift) with spray painting. I found **** doors that provide the louvre doors at the same price but the painting is painting with brush and they don't do equal lifts on metal frames. Hope it helps. Bigbull
  9. Hi Justin, Haha Maybe you should check with him why cannot use... I painted only one side. The rest are normal paint.
  10. Sorry, u can email to me at ylchick@singnet.com.sg

    Thank you.


  11. Hi bigbull,

    May i have your contractor's name and contact no. and his company name?

    Thank you!


  12. Hi Justin, I bought my Chalkboard paint at SELFIX. You can google them for the different locations. The brand is RUSTOLEUM Specialty Chalkboard. BEWARE: They come in BLACK and GREEN so keep a look out. I am using the green one. Bigbull
  13. Hi Sappyd, I bought my Eames Dining Chair from LUSH LUSH at $99 each. It was during their sales. I think the original price is $110. My is made of plastic. Other places include but not limited to: Comfort Design (Plastic): They called it another name and its slightly more expensive than LUSH LUSH. Picket and Rail (Fibre Glass) : About $300++ for one but the feel is really different. You can also find the fibre glass ones in TB and I suggest you go to theitysbit's T-blog to search for it. Hope it helps. Bigbull
  14. Hi Bleucheeze, Ceiling/pendant lights got no plugs so its safe. 65daiguo acts as the middleman between you and the supplier. In the event that you received a defective goods, they will contact the supplier and liase on your behalf. In my opinion, it saves a lot of work on my side should something goes wrong. The worst scenario is when the supplier don't honour their goods, then they can't do anything. But it hasn't happen to me. They have been relatively prompt in following up with my cases. Bigbull
  15. Hi Justinyeo, Some TB stuffs are really good but in the case of the TOLOMEO lamp, its pretty flimpsy... Order early! Now that my reno is completed. Been thinking if it would be better if I have chosen the red brickwall instead. kekeke But anyway, best wishes in your reno! Bigbull