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  1. Hi Yuntlh, Do u have the address for AOS shop? I am desperately looking for WC (a particular design). Went to the commonly known shops (Sims, Hoe Kee, Genova, Nan Wah etc) but it is either the measurement is not right or the price is steep. with hubby for insisting on that design. Mild steel on the railing - did a quick check with my ID - he said not a common choice nowadays, and unable to do a proper quote. PM if u wanna check with my ID directly.
  2. i am worse then ... went to SBH twice and still cud not decide. We even went to Lian Seng Hin at Balestier to select tiles. Hubby only wants to use homogenous tiles throughout. All this dilemma for just kitchen, 2 bathrooms and the balcony. Tip: General note - Lian Seng Hin's (LSH) prices are lower than Soon Bee Huat (SBH). We saw similar tiles from SBH being displayed at LSH, and it was about 20-40 cents cheaper. For those who are doing DIY reno or contractors are giving low budget for tiling works, it may be worthwhile to pop by LSH. But note that their selection is not as extensive as SBH
  3. Thanks for the tip. Will pop by to new place to drop off the notes later. 3.5 days of hacking starting from tomorrow -> think it will drive everyone nuts. This reno is causing more stress than anticipated. Tiling works supposed to start next week and we still have not finalised the selection of tiles
  4. Finally! We inked the contract with the ID after 3-4 weeks of ding-dong and at least 6 revisions of quotes. Total cost of reno is 35K includes - hacking and works for 2 bathrooms, kitchen and balcony, - hacking of existing built-in cabinets and installation of new full ht wardrobes for 3 bedrooms, - custom-made shoe cabinet, - painting of whole unit, - change of balcony sliding doors, windows for MBR, kitchen, dining hall and utility room, - electrical re-wiring for first level, changing of switches for entire unit, polishing of floors (upper n lower) etc. Tomorrow will be the 1st day of reno. Hope to have everything done by mid-dec and we can move in before Christmas. Mace - any warehouse sales lobang for sanitary wares and bathroom accessories to recommend? PS. Do we need to inform the neighbours personally that we are starting reno and there will be lots of noise pollution esp during the hacking process?
  5. hi, saw yr blog by chance. very nice reno - money well spent. love yr balcony doors .. going to show pics to my ID to see if he can offer a 'complimentary' upgrade from the white powder coat quoted
  6. Hi Tristesse, I am resisting the roof works as I have so many plans for the balcony - Alfresco dining, my kids' play area for play dough and messy stuff, small planting area (for my kids to plant bean sprouts n money plant ), back-up laundry drying area etc. This reno is going to burn a big hole in our wallet. Really going to end up eating plain porridge with soy sauce at the rate hubby is adding the reno works. PS. Can PM yr roofing works contact to me?
  7. dropping the quote fm the previous ID and opting for another one. Hubby likes the new ID and the guy has been pretty accommodating to date - esp with the number of changes / additions / FOCs. Gone thro 4 quotes already and still changing, and last nite, hubby still wanna change - now thinking of erecting the roof top in the balcony so that we can have a larger living space to put the sofa and his precious massage chair i was really i had to give up my granite kitchen counter-top n my sliding glass doors for the bathrooms so that he can have his white powder coated balcony doors. ding dong for 2 weeks and we still have not started reno Current ID is quoting us $280 for kitchen, 2 bathrooms and balcony 3-step water proofing, but he marked up on the hacking costs - $2.8k to hack the kitchen, 2 bathrooms, balcony, 4 sets of built-in cabinets. Still waiting for his "final" quote.
  8. Hi, Is PD door a shop? Do u have the contact? Just curious, how much did you pay for the custom made balcony door without tracks? Thanks.
  9. hi, have no choice but to give up on Ho Bee as Patrick said my reno works will take at least 8 weeks to complete as we want to hack kitchen, 2 toilets and the balcony. We need to move in by 1st week of Dec as we need to vacate current place. Can only pray that the contractor (or ID) we intend to engage will do a good job. Hope I will have the time to create the reno blog. !!
  10. hi Miu Miu, u confirmed with hobee already? wondering if we can tag along to see as well - save patrick 1 trip trying to get an appointment with patrick is like making appt to see top notch gynae General Question: Is it all right to bargain? I know one can do bargaining with IDs. Will contractor be angry if we try to bargain? Thanks.
  11. Finally! The quote is in Met up with Patrick 2 Sundays back ... Mrs. Quek said the delay is due to Ah Keong being out of action and Patrick has to handle all customer calls and site visits etc etc .. We are waiting for another 2 more quotes before deciding on the final 2. I have a total 5 quotes (incl HoBee) to compare as of now. Hope the remaining 2 quotes will come in asap.
  12. Hi, Met up with Johnny from Livin' Concepts to give a quote. Anyone has engaged his services before? Price? Quote? After-sales service etc. Appreciate any comments as cant seem to find any info abt the company. Thanks in advance.
  13. What do yr reno works involve? Time line proposed? Mrs. Quek (Patrick's wife?) called - she will email the quote to me by this afternoon. pray for a good quote
  14. Hi all, Still waiting for Patrick to send the quote to me .. 9 days liao.. is it normal? I have called to chase him a few times until I feel pai seh as well. Do u guys who engaged Ho Bee waited a long time for the quote? Hubby is losing confidence in him - his view is if he takes more than 1 week to prepare a quote, will he delay the works? Anyone encountered any delay in reno completion?
  15. Hi, Just to share that I purchased a Serta Skyline mattress - there is a layer of memory foam on the upper layer - hubby n me fell in love with the comfort of the mattress. We feel we had gotten a good deal - $3200 - king size mattress with the bed frame and a matching bench, 2 pillows, 1 mattress protector and of coz the sheeps. Mattress is very important - dun scrimp on this part. We went to a lot of shops to test various brands of mattresses - make sure u are not being conned as we saw quite a few shops doing hard-selling. Have fun.