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  1. My contractor told me its possible to screed for new units but not for resale.i submitted the request for screeding to hdb myself n they did tat for me without any argument.but i tink juz to be safe,best u contact ur HTO to clarify
  2. Update on the progress of my balcony.I remove the balcony door frame,requested for the hdb contractors to screed my balcony to almost the same height as my living room floor and will be putting on laminate flooring.Though its not wat I wanted but at least manage to level it
  3. Good day people, I really need some advice. I just got my keys to my EA in Jurong. Think everybody knows that new flats are **** small and due to the layout of my unit, the living area is small and I was thinking of levelling up my balcony to make my hall looks bigger. I've enquired with an ID co. if it's possible for me to level it up and put up windows instead of having wrought iron grilles. I was told that due to the new HDB regulations, levelling up of the balcony is now no longer allowed. Is this true??