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  1. your price at $275psf was and still is super cheap, to the tune of 1/3 discount. Use the savings to rectify the faults i guess. At least you started at the cheap cheap base and top up now. Most of us start off at high entry point e.g. $400Psf, then try to bargain down the contractor/architect.
  2. With my very limited contact with architects/pe, the general understanding is that the fees paid to them are strictly PROFESSIONAL FEES. Any other extra anciallary fees (submission, soil tests, goverment inspection, TOP,.....) are all not included. In other words professional fees are like a doctors consultation fees, which does not include medications, xrays, blood tests. The soil test is already about 5-10k. Preconstruction survey fees i am not sure.How can any professional engineers' fees be less then 10k?
  3. Well. i dont quite understand or agree with your plot ratio calculations. A plot ratio of 1.5 may be applicable in a small landed eg in inter-terrace. So 2000sq ft land build up to 3000sq ft GFA. But in a big landed eg 8000sq ft land, do we really build it up to 12,000sq ft GFA? As i recall, even a full GCB with 15,000sq ft land, the GFA hardly goes beyond 10,000sq ft. Thus the plot ratio in BIG landeds are usually 0.6 to 0.7, with an implication that the construction costs are actually much lower then you have suggested. In layman terms, if i buy a piece of land at 14.5 million, 3 mil construction costs seems ok. But if the land costs only 8mil, then 3 mil construction costs seems daunting!!. Result: the 14mil buyer will carry on with the purchase, but the 8mil buyer will not!!
  4. Wow, $400 psf!!. Really high construction costs nowdays. Using the same 8000Sq ft land for illustration. At D28 Yio chio kang( mimosa), its about 8mil@1000 psf. We talking about a pure piece of land At D10 Bukit TImah(berrima) its will be about about 14.5mil@ 1800 psf New erection cost is same at 3.2mil. At D10 land, construction cost is thus 22% ( 3.2/14.5)of land price, still acceptable. At D28, it rises to 40%(3.2/8)!, how is that justifiable?? Means no one will want to do new erection in OCR/RCR?? CCR still ok?? So its not worthwhile to buy D28 land, and better to buy D10 land?? Can seasoned landed investors like lauer or yoongf comment?
  5. How do you get it free? I called open net as the previous owner didnt install it during the free period, when the whole estate was being done. My argument was that i just bought over this house, and was not the one who ignored them. This cut no ice, and they flatly refused. Wanted to charge me the standard fees, close to $500!!
  6. wow lauer, you a qualified architect? Seem to know more about house design then real architects i spoken to. No wonder the sg condo pple said you redevelop old plots to resell.
  7. Hi. V interesting reading your thoughts and processes. I got 2 questions ,if you dont mind: 1. Construction cost of $250 psf. Does this refer to GFA strictly, or just "built in"? This can vary the cost quite wildly as i am sure you would know. $250 psf for GFA is cheap for current standards, almost impossible nowdays. GFA does not include things like car porch, patio, balcony, pool. A lot of builders include these, and use the term "built in" or "build up". URA only recognises GFA. 2. Your pool costs only $50k? Mind revealing what are the dimensions? Eg 10m by 3m? Does it include cost of the service equipment, eg waste, pumps? All in, i would say you got yourself quite a good deal, especially if the $250 psf is for GFA.
  8. Well, i feel that the main con is ok for the actual house, but his subcon sewage quote a bit high. So trying my luck to see if i can get a cheaper subcon to do it; or at least show the main con his quote is too high. THe pool......., together with the house still at the design stage!! LOL.
  9. Yoongf or lauer or some kind soul i got a quote for diversion of a public sewage running thru the backyard. >100k. Can anyone care to recommend any "specialist" sewage specialist for me to get another quote?
  10. The SIP read 124 inches deep!! So the architect suggested built a " half low wall" for the wet kitchen over it, plus a pond. Didnt know need to construct trench just to build this party well....by the way, wats a "party wall"?
  11. Yes mine is 3m deep!! WHen i suggest to 1 architect to reroute it, He took 1 look and exclaimed "WAH, 3m deep", then slap his forehead and said its "almost impossible" I read that someone suggest constructing a "reinforced trench" over it, and BCA will allow to build over the line. Is this true?
  12. My lawyer did NOT obtain the DIP/SIP despite my reminding and told me that its not commonly searched cos sewage lines do not amount to adverse condition. Her logic was that its relocatable, just costs a "bit" of money.But unfortunately for me there was really 1 running thru thru the back. So i potentially lose 2m of "space"...ie normal setback is 3m, mine will come up to 5m cos of the line!! Can i sue her? LOL
  13. I got a sewage line running thru the back 4m from the boundary. Was also told will cost hundred k to reroute the line. Your 10k sounds too good to be true. Please keep us updated if it's really possible with such a low price.
  14. Is this the www.meridianhomes.com.sg kind? I am interested too and am setting up an appointment to meet them for further discussions. Can let u guys know of the outcome