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  1. Hows your exp with JW? What does he contract with you? Carpentry or everything? Also, where did you get the teak wood supplier? Looking good! J
  2. Wow, i am impressed with the design and this is exactly what i am looking for! May i ask for his contact? Cheers~!
  3. Hi, I am in a difficult situation. My brother just got a mid-terrace and we are in the midst of renovating the place. We selected this builder based on feedback and interaction with him - he seem confident and assuring. I have seen his works and thought it was decent enough. So, we made a confirmation to pay 40% of the fees and the project started. As we speak, tiling work is being done in the toilets and we are waiting for permission for structural works which has been sought after since late November. More importantly, i feel that communication within the workers and management is very lacking. This lead to many unnecessary work; wrong erection of walls, plaster wrong stuff to say a few. The foreman isnt there all the time and i had to be the one policing the workers and catching mistakes. We have a whatsapp group but the boss hardly replies(who is supposedly very demanding and sharp) and the foreman doesnt speak english. Worse still, i believe we have been too high a price considering the work involve. I wouldnt mind paying a premium for quality workmanship and good quality. Upon more research, i actually find that materials are of average standard. After the latest calculations, we have completed: 1) Demolition 2) Dismantle Works 3) Remodelling of walls 4) Plaster of new walls 5) Tiling of some walls in toilets (which i find the workmanship to have much room for improvement) 6) Water pipes Nothing really major - the house still looks pretty bear as yet. The thing is, i am pretty sick and tired of paying a premium but endure shoddy work and workers who keeps trying their luck. I am thinking of maximizing my expenditure till the 40% mark and get new builders in to finish the job. Even so, there is another set of PE that deals with the structural work; they are the builder's contact. So, through this barrage of factors, what could i do to get a better outcome? This is the first time we are renovating a place and we dread being in this predicament. Opinions?
  4. Hi, I entered into a deal with a builder after a feedback from a friend. The builder appears to be confident and i have seen his works at my friends place. My family and I made the decision based on the fact that he takes ownership and reprimands his contractors for shoddy work. As we are waiting for approval for new loft and decking of the void area, work has not been going at full speed. Till date, all dismantle works have been done and we are in the midst of tiling the toilets. However, the entire experience was not that fantastic. We maintain a whatsapp chat group; the boss hardly replies, the foreman doesnt speak english (only takes pictures of some progress, if he even does so), designer is easily stressed. Having seen some shoddy workmanship and hearing excuses on certain issues just tips me over. As my brother and I are new in this area; we are in our late 20s and early 30s, feel that we are being pushed around. Even visual checking for items like water proof membrane gets tricky. End of the day, i am pondering if i should switch to another builder considering upfront 40% fees. I've calculated, since demolition, some new walls, remodelling plus all tiles and fixtures in 5 toilets are done we would more or less spent an amount close to the upfront fee. Since, the other cabinets, flooring and most importantly decking has yet to be done, would switching be wise? I start to research more and think we might be paying too much for the work thus far. I dont mind paying a slight premium to have someone to guide us through, but definitely not this. I appear to know more and catch more things than the foreman does. Jacky