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  1. Hi imzz, congratulations on your new house! Perhaps can you share some floor plans or photos?
  2. I was lost for a moment on the question and now I understand so much better! @yamkc58 you help us gain so much knowledge now!
  3. I think it was an exclusive invite by the RenoTalk Staff. I receive an invitation join this session
  4. haha. Didn't see you leh. You all see my sink and cupboard door drop out. Haha. Going to have to change the whole thing. Thinking of changing to a more durable sink and top due to the growth of algae at my mum house and cause the wood to damage. My whole cabinet sink doors dropped and the inside is all rotten. Most probably will need to change the sink very soon.. their sink is like very solid.
  5. Hi all, Have any of you attended the event ? I was there and found the demo session very interesting and informative. There is also a guy if I am not wrong, did ask about the difference between quartz and marble. Overall, quite useful and will be looking to get their Haichi sink and redo my kitchen
  6. I am looking for business broadband packages and it is really not as easy as getting the home broadband. It also seems to involve having to lay the wire from the landlord building to my office unit. Does anyone here have experience on what I should look out for and which ISP is best for business broadband? I have around 10 staff and should I just get a wireless service so that I do not have to install ports? What is the speed for wireless and if it is sufficient to support daily work. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Seems to be good. Covers loss from cost of renovations. Especially for those who live beside neighbours who deals with open fire everyday
  8. heard of them but couldn't find their photos recently on renotalk
  9. Thanks! So only Flourescent bulbs emit UV? Am thinking of installing LED bulbs at my bed room head board and since I usually keep them on while sleeping, will like to double check on this.
  10. I am told that light bulb produces UV rays is that true? Does all light bulbs emit UV rays?
  11. Saw this http://www.renotalk.com/forum/topic/63023-the-one-only-peranakan-tiles-available-in-singapore/ Maybe can go down to take a look