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  1. Hi surfcast, THanks for sharing info. Can pm me contacts for painter and PE. What work did PE do for you?
  2. I am planning on extending my 1st level floor out to double volume ceiling area in my living room of m Terrace. Need to find PE who can work under time constraint. Anyone can recommend a good PE? PE I consulted with said they need one month to draw plans and then it tales 1 month for BCA approval and 2 months or URA approval. Want to charge $25,000 for PE fees. Are of floor being extended is about 500 sq feet.
  3. Was wondering whether you have decided to build our loft? I want to extend my 1st floor at terrace house and PE tells me will take 4 months for approval. Anyone has done this and if so how long dod approval from BCA and URA take?
  4. Dear Rolex, You mentioned that you have extended part of living hall with structural works. How long did your PE take to draw up plans and get approval from BCA and URA. I am planning to extend my 2nd storey floor into the void area with double volume ceiling in living room and the PE is saying that they will take 1 month to do drawings and 3 months for approval. The total area being added on is about 24sq metres and PE fees alone is $15,000. What did you pay for your PE fees? Thanks, Highwest