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  1. Normally ID just give a rough quote when they look at your floor plan. Even without discussing with you how they know what work is to be done? From my experience with so many different IDs, when they give you a rough quote, and u did not sound out that its way too ex, etc and meet up with them, after discussion, what they quote u will be around the price that they give in the first place.
  2. Thats quite lame. New registered member means im contractor myself? so When u just registered in RENO TALK, u are working as a contractor too? Rubbish. And im not a him. Im dealing with curtains myself thats y i registered in Reno talk. Im just sharing what i know to those who need and appreciate.
  3. I recently engage a contractor for my flat. He is really good. Not only great workmanship, he has creative and really nice design ideas for my flat too. He even brought me to buy lights, etc at a so much cheaper price. And he is always there to overlook everything when things are being installed etc. I feel very safe to leave my flat with his care. So guys if u need his contacts let me know. Im sure you will be please with the after results. He is really experience and a very nice person.