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  1. Hi, I realized that the door hinges in my kitchen cabinet started to rust after 3 months. Qns: 1) is there any stainless steel door hinges? 2) did my contractor given me a lower quality hinges since kitchen tend to be moist? 3) can I just go to the hardware store and purchase these door hinges and DIY, any sizes? I hope friends online can provide me with some advice. Thank you.
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  3. I'm planning to replace the hot&cold tap with cold tap only. But the opening on my table top seem too big to fix the cold water tap. Before buying the cold water tap, can anyone here advise if the 2 types of tap will be able to fix in the opening.
  4. Can someone please post the support hook for the KDK fan again. Thanks.
  5. does anyone know how to go about setup of ancestor altar. We do not have any altar setup currently and decide to do one in our new home.