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  1. Hello, May I ask what is the average time taken to complete renovations of a 1200sft apartment? What I'm mainly doing is Hacking kitchen, 2 toilets, redoing electrical wiring, false ceiling, painting and making of about 5 wardrobes/tables/racks. We need to move into our place in 3 months and are hoping renovations can be done within that time frame.. Is 3 months too rush for most contractors? Anyone with experience please share..
  2. Hi Chongsui. I don't konw if you decided already. But yup I'm using Eryx Tan from Plush Living.. 3rd month into my reno already.. He has lots of very good ideas and is very patient. However renovations work seen to be very slow... Supposed to finish this month but don't think can fininsh on time.. Can see the status of the reno done by Eryx at our blog http://www.renotalk.com/forum/blog/1370/entry-7823-the-hunt-for-a-new-flatcondo-and-interior-designer;-renovation-process-and-outcome/ . If you are in a rush and want to finish on time. I won't recommend Eryx. But if you want a patient and creative ID then it think he's ok. Another good point is that unlike many other designers that I heard about is that he will make amendments to things that were done wrong without giving excuses.
  3. chonglester

    Our new home - Parc Oasis

    Viewing of our new home at Parc Oasis Condominium at Jurong East
  4. Hi Jane, I am very new to all these renovation work so please escuse me if this is a silly question. I was told by my ID that electrical re-wiring and lighting for my 2nd hand 1200sft hand place will cost easily over 5k due to the fact that workmanship cost is increasing. He also says that this includes running the wires through the walls that hacking. Hence the cost. May I ask if your quote includes running the wires externally through trunking or concealed?
  5. As what diablo says.. Most commonly its your storage heater tank or even the aircon pipes. It could also be that your neighbour's pipes upstairs is leaking. In this case, the management office will commonly get them (neighbour's upstairs) to bear the repair cost. This happened to me so the management office is contacting my neighbours upstairs.
  6. Hi Air! Thanks so much for sharing your photos and reno stories on your blog. I have learnt so much from it! And congrats on your beautiful home. I may have missed out reading about it - but may I ask you something: I noticed that you have really nice red glossy laminated cupboards for your kitchen, my fiance and I are also very keen laminates like that. But from some samples our contractors showed us, there seem to be very obvious unevenness of the surface. Is that common,or is it because the workmanship is no good?
  7. Empty layout of our unit - agent had to purchase from management office.

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