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  1. If you guys are keen, I can share mine too! I recently engaged one for my parents' new flat and it looks wonderful! ^_^ Not to mention that the quality for the carpentry works are fabulous! Hehe. Hubby and I have intention of using him again for our love nest once it's ready in 2015!
  2. If you want cheapest, don't expect the quality to be good Go for reasonable pricing, go visit the id and company. Go with your feelings!
  3. What's most important should be the 'connection' between you and the IDs. Usually quotation cannot be trusted, the price will never be the same as quoted. Hahaha.
  4. Hahaha, most probably it's just another marketing strategic. But my parents' ID did a really good job! My parents are really pleased, and seems like the ID even brought them around the company! (They have their own carpentry!) So far the apartment was realllllllllllly pretty and the carpentry works are all nicely done! ^_^ Real solid material If you're interested I can get the contacts of the ID for you! PM me!
  5. My parents recently got their flat renovated, it was slightly more pricy, but it was so worth it! Have sent the quotation to several ID companies, I have to admit that some of the ID companies' rates are lower, but since I'm spending at least 20k to get the renovation done for my parents, might as well seek for a good one. ^_^ My parents' ID was very professional and the quality of the carpentry works and the renovation were all nicely done and seemingly of really good quality! Money well spent indeed! My parents are very happy with the end product. ^_^ Please PM me if you would like to know the contacts of my ID! Will definitely introduce to everyone! Thumbs up!