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  1. Here's some advice! 1) You may think of designs, and know what you want in details. 2) Purchase your own furniture and accessories, will save abit from here. 3) Cost can be further cut if you can do painting by yourself, save quite abit! 4) Don't go for those IDs offering freebies, in the end you'll still be paying for it. 5) Not all IDs have 'hidden cost', my parents' renovation went through quite smoothly without much hiccups! 6) Try to meetup with the shortlisted IDs, especially on-site to ensure a precise quotation! I've done a fair bit of research in this area before I began looking for a renovator for my parents' new flat. Hope that helps!
  2. IF you can do your own design, can find contractor bah. Otherwise I believe the ID will provide free design, no cost one leh. o.o Ikea, cheap but probably won't last very long. Depends on your own financial capability i think! Maybe can do your renovation phrase by phrase?
  3. Hello! My ID told me that $40-$45k should be sufficient, however that would depend on the measurements (cabinets) and material used. With much respect, I'm afraid that a 5-room flat it's highly impossible to reach 20-30k, especially if you require custom-made carpentry. Hope that helps! Ps: That's a very interesting conversation you've included here, hahahha!
  4. My parents' kitchen are of glossy white, easy to maintain and looks really pretty. ^^
  5. Hi! My parents' new renovation did something similar, let me ask my ID!
  6. 25k should be fine. o.o But depending on your requirements! My parents bought their own furniture, so saved quite a bit there. Hahha.
  7. I guess cause most IDs sub to contractor? You can always find a direct contractor, but I think quite dangerous hahahahahaha.
  8. My old flat used to have this problem! Nasty ants crawling around in the kitchen! Argh. Sis went to supermarts and bought 'Combat' ants killer, less than 2 days, the ants are gone o.o We just stick them around where we always see the ants. They basically brought the 'poison' to the colony. Yay to no more ants!
  9. Online purchases very risky leh, but the fun is the 'opening-of-package'...... What if you paid for it, but it came broken? o.o You'll have to pay for shipments back and forth just for exchange. For such expensive items, I wouldn't dare to risk it! ><
  10. I think Nippon paint has this new range of new paints that look like wallpaper leh. LOL I personally like the gold and silver series! But I think looks better against spotlights on feature wall. Wallpaper, if you rent/sell the property out afterwards, will the tenants complain? It should be sticky??
  11. Maybe you can try : -Ebay -Amazon -qoo10 That's my best bet for cheap and pretty decals
  12. The 2nd option, $11500. Cheaper. From a close contact. If your hubby has no confident in solid surface top, maybe can ask if the material can be changed to his preference? Most renovation work should be highly customizable. ^_^