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  1. My thoughts are : Consult with a few geomancers for feedback and ideas. When in doubt, dont use. If you trust, believe in it. Do it, then do all the way. Fengshui is life, life is fengshui. It has to be reasonable and practical.
  2. there is a cure for every problem. One important factor is to identify the actual problem and cure it for the desired outcome. This of course depends on the occupants of the house.
  3. We should buy painting based of the artist skills in using colors and the stroke he or she used to bring image to life. Especially for Fengshui, it is more important. The right painting hang up at the right place and at the right time will generate the desired results intend.
  4. Consult Master Johnny Cheong. It is an important procedure to have a good start in a new home.