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  1. We are currently doing mini-updating project for our 20 years old HDB Five Room. We do retiling over the existing tiles for both toilets in our HDB. The issue arises with the common toilet where the toilet window lever block the retiling. We need to remove the lever so the tiling work can continue. Our contractor asked us to change to new window and quoted us a price. We decided to look around making a few phone calls, and came across Mr Lau. We communicated through phone calls and Whatsapp. His response time is quite good. The price is reasonable. He gave options of basic colours and coated colours. He was concerned that we chose the colour different from the existing frame which will not be removed. I was not there for measurement and installation. But Mr Lau really impressed us by ensuring that the new window and existing frame looks seamless. We really appreciate his thought into the work. Our mini-project is not so smooth sailing, and Mr Lau has made a smile on our faces. That's little window really makes the nice completion to our common toilet. Thank you, Mr Lau. ?‍♂️?
  2. Hi, Can you share contractor details? Do you reno toilet as well? Mind to share the pics. Thanks.
  3. Hi Harriette, What a great place and great taste you have! Look forward to see more pictures of your place when all furniture and decoration are in. Please PM me Mr. Yeak and William contact numbers and your ID design fee. Warm regards, DTbabies
  4. Hi Jaykr, Thank you for the insight. Your suggestions are really useful & practical. Thank you for sharing the contacts too. Look forward to your experiment sharing. Now I am on my way to get some quotes for my kitchen. Warm regards, DTbabies (Nickname is from initials of my 2 kids)
  5. Hi Can I have Alan's contact? Where did you go to see the tiles in JB? Is it worth getting the tiles from there or it's only applicable for craftbricks? Can I have the transportation contact number as well? By the way, I like your choices of tiles in the toilet. Are they expensive? I want to redo my kitchen. How much is your kitchen renovation? Many thanks.
  6. Hi, You may try calling Vincent (*). I got info from this forum too. We just installed curtains for our living room, and 2 bedrooms today after the suggestion from feng shui master. So we just need to change the color of fabric. Spent $680 for 3 rooms. I'm very happy about it. Good Luck!
  7. Hi, From this Forum, I called up Vincent. I told him I want black out fabric, shimering type. On the measurement date, he brought many different samples. Today, we just changed living room curtains (day & night), and 2 bedrooms. My 2 bedrooms use roman blind. All use black out fabric. The installation was swift and clean. He even changed new tracks for both bedrooms. Spent all at $680. I'm really happy. Ten years ago, we paid $3000 for our curtains. You can contact him at *. Good luck!
  8. Hi We just did our window film recently due to feng shui purpose so we have to use reflective film type. We asked for 3 contractors to quote. After looking at the properties of the solar film, we go with Window Cool. The salesperson recommended us that we can use one-way mirror for bedrooms and the lighter one for living room. We were hesitated at first because of the price. But we worked out with the salesperson about our budget. When the staff come for installation, they realised that they need more help to finish the work. They made a call and one more staff turned up very shortly. We're impressed with the team support. So far no bubbles, and the rooms are also cooler. Luckily we listened to the sales' recommendation to use lighter one for the living room cause the film really cut down the amount of light. You may want to contact Kengy at 9191 6008.