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  1. Hi Mighty6, Yes, I decided and will focus on Fernvale:) Some agents told me that there are some wet markets there, one at fernvale lrt behind koufu then another small shop that sell veggies, etc at 403A. Yeah, those place you mentioned will be my target for monthly shopping for buying items in bulk
  2. Hi all, Anyone know where is the nearest wet market in Fernvale? Cheers, Vibranze
  3. hi mighty6, i would like too, but punggol's unit is a bit expensive compare to sk, so i think sk is more suit me:) fernvale is actually the quitest among all the *vale in sk. cheers, vibranze
  4. Hi Mr. Chong, Yes, the block 406B in front is taken standing facing out from the main door. Sorry, the hardcopy itself is not that clear, I edited the floorplan with the missing wall. I've PM-ed you my details. Thanks. Cheers, Vibranze
  5. Dear Mr. Chong, I just tried to PM you again but seems your Inbox is still full. Kindly PM me once you are finished clearing your Inbox. Thanks. Cheers, Vibranze
  6. Dear Mr. Chong, Thanks for the reply. I will PM you again let's say in 15 minutes time? Cheers, Vibranze
  7. hi mighty6, where are you staying? punggol? punggol not consider ulu liao since govt put a lot of project down there, eg. punggol 21, etc. but i feel fernvale is not that ulu too, hehe, near fernvale lrt and jalan kayu:) cheers, vibranze
  8. Dear Mr. Chong, I would like to seek your professional advice on the following floorplan. I tried to PM you bazi of mine and my family member but seems your Inbox is full. Kindly PM me back once you clear your Inbox. The unit is a resale 4 rooms unit 6th floor. Main door is facing SW (compass reading shown 37/38 and 40/41degree) and living room window is facing NE. Kindly advise if there is any missing corner and if this unit has NW and whether I can buy or not. Map : http://www.street-directory.com/yellowpage...e=Fernvale+Road Satellite : http://www.streetdirectory.com/asia_travel...vel_site=130210 Floorplan : Sengkang Other related photos : Sengkang Thanks in advanced. Cheers, Vibranze
  9. noted. thanks! cheers, vibranze
  10. Guys, Plan to buy fernvale @ sk but until now still not sure if this will be my future house. What do you guys think about fernvale, read from this thread that fernvale is a bit ulu? Cheers, Vibranze
  11. Hi applefreak, Thanks for your general things in fs, from 1 - 5 I can see point no 1 is not pass since the bedroom 2 door is facing a common toilet door partially, is it ok? Cheers, Vibranze
  12. I see, but how is it from general point of view? Thanks. Cheers, Vibranze
  13. Anyone? Mace? Ahnah? Raincole? Thanks.
  14. Guys, Anyone with fs knowledge, really appreciate if you can advise and comment on the following floorplan, eg. good or bad, missing corner, bedroom position, etc. Thanks. Cheers, Vibranze
  15. hi zirhk3355, thanks for the response. wah, #34 is **** high ler, total got how many storey ar? actually the unit i asked was only living room window's facing the school and not the main door, is it ok or not ar? btw, are you fs expert? cheers, vibranze