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  1. woah.. that's a lot of ID... no wonder you headache.. why not just pick a few that you think that you are most comfortable with and decide? other wise you will take a very long time to decide.. just my 2 cents worth.
  2. If i am very new to renovation in fact i have no idea as well .. but lets say if i have a budget of 18k is it possible to renovate my house like very modern and contemporary style?
  3. For what i know Hong Leong Finance has already changed their rules. As in if i and my mum were to apply for the flat, she will take my mum's age to loan the amount and not me. So i doubt i could borrow much from them. U mean DBS also won't consider the housing loan?
  4. Hi Everyone. If i still have a personal loan still repaying and i use to have credit card default payment but i have already make the full settlement. how are the chances of getting a housing loan? I have tried applying for HLE loan but they are very inflexible.. keep saying we will have enough so they dont want to borrow us.. I am still trying to appeal and this is my third time.. do you all think i should give up appealing?? or appeal till they willing to borrow us??