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  1. Hello Microxy, I used 'Helping Hand' before and they are good -- fast and efficient. http://www.thehelpinghand.org.sg/services.html I never heard of Ann Hock Transport service, but do check with them to see if there are any charges that you should take note of.
  2. Dear all, I had a very bad experience with this mover -- Advance Care Delivery Pte Ltd. This company's registered address is in Tampines St 93. They have another company called Advance Creation 'N' Pack Pte Ltd. The contact person is Bernard. Avoid using Advance Care Delivery Pte Ltd at all costs!! I have a few boxes that need to be transferred to another place. Since there are not many things to be moved, so I decided to look for a small moving company rather than the bigger companies or more established companies but now I regret for not engaging the services from the more established ones!! I called them up a week ago to inquire on the quotation, as well as to ask if they can provide free boxes for moving. The person in charge, Bernard told me that boxes are free and they can deliver to my address before the moving date. They said I have to pay a refundable deposit upon receiving the boxes. I further clarify with them if they will deduct the deposit from the total moving cost on the moving day itself and Bernard said I only have to pay the remaining balance on the moving day. **So far all moving companies that I came across do not charge for boxes if they claimed it is FREE boxes. BUT beware of this company, they will charge you for the so called 'free boxes' and also other hidden costs!** THe moving is scheduled to be few weeks later. they delivered the boxes to me the next day after I called them to make appointment and I noticed those are USED boxes. It's NOT brand new boxes,but USED boxes from previous clients! Well, nevermind, I can still use it for packing. When I start packing my items, I took a look on the receipt given to me again and noticed something is not right! the receipt stated ;the boxes are on loan, with refundable deposit of xx" I was shocked and puzzled, why the FREE boxes have now become 'boxes on loan'?? they did not tell me they only BORROW me the boxes, and NOT giving it to me for FREE. When I called Bernard, he sounded very rude and impatient, asking me what;s my problem so I asked him to clarify, he then shouted over the phone saying 'why you want to keep the boxes? You didn't tell me you want the boxes? Since you are going to unpack, you have to return us the boxes within one month!!" I asked him it was not make known to me the boxes ARE NOT FREE! Other moving companies can provide free boxes, why can't his company provide free boxes as they claimed??? DON't ADVERTISE FREE if it is not meant to be free!! Please see below for their website where they claimed they provide free boxes,free wrapping services and free quotation. Now they want me to return the boxes after I unpack or I will be charged for the boxes!! Does that mean they will charge me for wrapping services and quotation on the moving day itself?! This is ridiculous! http://www.adv-delivery.com/service.html I immediately told him I'm not interested to engage his moving service anymore and I want to return him the boxes, all of it and refund of my deposit. The moving has not done yet and it is scheduled one month later and boxes are not used at all. Guess what the fellow told me? He said vulgarities over the phone and told me cannot refund even though his receipt stated 'refundable deposit'!I'm really pissed off and disappointed with this company! This company has the intention to cheat at the very beginning that's why they said 'free boxes' but on the receipt they wrote another thing hoping that you didn't see it! I kena cheated and I don't want anyone to get cheated by the same company, so please beware of this company and avoid them at all cost! and also kindly spread the words to your family and friends to avoid using this company as they are dishonest and have the intention to cheat at the very beginning! Those who used their services before and who also be cheated by this company, please share your experience here with other readers. Thank you!
  3. tommy8989, I want to share my nightmare of moving services provided by Advance Care Delivery Pte Ltd, the contact person is Bernard. This company is located at Blk9010, Tampines St 93,#04-81, Singapore 528844. They advertised FREE boxes, FREE quotation etc. and they even stated this on their own website and printed boxes as well. BUT........after the move, they will want you to RETURN the so called 'FREE boxes' to them within one month! So far moving companies I encountered never asked their clients to return the boxes when they given out as FREE boxes!! This company is so lousy that they said free boxes to be given if you engage our services but they did not (or never plan to) tell you that you must return them the boxes after you unpack or the so called 'REFUNDABLE deposit' is not refundable!! THis is called CHEATING! This company employs cheap foreign workers to do the job for you, they charge you and BEWARE OF HIDDEN costs!!! AND after moving, they come back to you to ask you to return their boxes, which is RIDICULOUS! The so called free boxes given to us are actually USED boxes. They want to charge us for the USED boxes!! what a joke man! I engaged Helping Hand previously and they are good. They also provide free boxes but never asked us to return and of course didn't charge us for the 'free boxes'!! This time round I only have few boxes of items so I decided to look for small moving companies and now I learned my lesson!! All these companies normally have HIDDEN costs! What makes it worst is they even come back to ask you to return the boxes! OMG......what kind of company is this, even though they claimed 'we provide free boxes for moving, if you want extra boxes, we will charge you the box at $4 per piece.' Take note....this $4 per piece is NOT BRAND NEW box, is USED boxes!! They did not say 'I will borrow you the boxes, once finished moving, you have to return us the boxes.' FREE means something given out and not taking back but they anyhow advertise 'free' and later on demand you to return the boxes or they will charge you. BEWARE of this company 'Advance Care Delivery Pte Ltd' -- DO NOT USE them! AVOID AT ALL COST!