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  1. Goh Ah Bee heard before.. but where exactly isit?? You bought brandt oven?? Do they have brands like Turbo... think i will be buying turbo hood and hob... think it is value for money... thanx there! i went.. they dun sell things there leh.... jus a show room...
  2. Thanx Devilaz!! hehehe we prefer a contemporary feel rather that a Zen feel.. So will do away wif those woody feels... Anyway went to your renoblog! cool! love your balcony bar and dining lightings. where are they from?
  3. Where to get Turbo, Fujioh and Rinnai? I know Turbo some megastores have la... but the last two? Isit better to buy from their shop or from those megasotres???
  4. Hello! Anyone did any divider between the Foyer and Living room? Can share and Pics... My I.D proposed a tempered glass divider la, nice, but my hubby and I are sourcing for a less costly design... Any ideas?
  5. So turbo is better? Some salesman tell me techno better.. can get at cheaper price too... but then again can be sales tok la... My mum and mum in law says hood is useless..."claim to suck odour, dun really suck"... hahaha buut Im going to buy one... I think without the hood it is going to b even worse! Been looking at glass hob... but the other forum toking abt shattering glass after sometime... so Im not sure now.... Neighbourhood shop cheaper la? Toa payoh or AMK shld have la hor?
  6. So you bought Brandt? from where? I'm thinking of buying their washing machine and dryer too...Do they have a showroom somewhere? What about Bellari? Isit good? how much does one set hood hob and oven cost ah? Got showroom anywhere??
  7. hi kensanctuary... like wat brands? kindly elaborate... thanx
  8. wow.... all "high-end" product users here... I was thinking of the brand "techno" but it seems like no has tok abt it before? May I know as for Bellari hood hob and ovens... how much does it cost? have money contraints here.. hehehe.... Or is there a mid-range brand which i can consider?