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  1. did anyone engaged them before? how did u find the workmanship and price?
  2. did'nt get time to visit this time.. but i heard its the same as the earlier one.. only positions changed...
  3. Hi,summverale. Can u PM me the particulars of the contractor? I am in the midst of looking for one and hope will not endup with wrong hands...
  4. Hi, Bubblepearl. Can PM ur id firm and contact details?
  5. Helo, so u mean to say good product = good quality + good service?
  6. hmmm... new house... holiday... Thanks
  7. Hi, Si_Puting. no update lehz.. dun wanna to share the quote... atleast can let me now what was the total reno cost and what it did cover in that?
  8. I also got the quote from them but not sure how reliable they are... my id is eric pl let me know as well...
  9. so time to visit again n see what they have in basket...
  10. hi jessi can you also pm me your reno? costs? who is your ID? how do you find the workmanship? r they part of -?
  11. I am having another appointment this wknd.... my id is Henry.. wat abt u? so far only gv the quotes but no design's yet... wanna to see how it will be...
  12. Hi, it is 3Rm and my floor plan is similar to yours.. so expecting somewhat similar renovation..
  13. Hi, Thanks. My contact is with Catherine.. got the quote from her... possible for u to send me ur quote as me also considering renovation of whole unit. My email is vkja_9@yahoo.com.
  14. Hi, I have also recvd the quotation from u-home but not sure how reliable and trustworthy r they? Thanks