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  1. Yup its been two weeks. So far so good not a single white patches. Hopefully it stays that way. Used a coat of Vinilex 5170 Oil based primer and two coats of Nippon Odur-less Premium. I forgotten how its a pain in the bum dealing with oil based primer. Had to use half a bottle of baby oil to get the primer off of my hands and legs would have use turpentine but my skin was to sensitive for that. So far i'm happy with outcome. So if this continues to work out well i'm gonna practice on always prime before painting in future. No more painting on painted walls. It could be a hassle but hey better be safe then sorry.
  2. Not worth asking them to a paint just one room. Rather save the cash for a new mattress. But anyway got to talk with some paint shops most of them told me my mistake was not using primer even though the undercoat is white especially when using dark tone. Moisture and previous paint will sip through the current paint and the white spot are paint residue from the previous paint. When he told me that it kind of make sense but kinda of skeptical. unless anyone out there has another opinion. I was recommended to use an oil seal primer to lock down the moisture from previous paint work.
  3. Hi guys i need help about my walls. 5 years ago i painted my room with two tones, red and orange. Red using Nippon Vinly Silk and orange using Dulux Pentalite. The walls were painted without using any primer. I painted it over a flat finish white wall. Before i started painting the walls i wipe down the walls with 1 part bleach and 5 parts water. Then two weeks later after painting white spots and patches started to appear on colours. i gave a wipe with bleach and water and it disappeared but return eventually. It really pissed me off. Every 6 months for the pass five year i have to wipe them off. The spots the decreases every time i gave it a wipe though. Now after 5 years i'm planning to paint my walls again to a dark grey tone but this time i don't want to deal with this white spot reappearing. Could anyone tell me if this is mould, mildew, fungus or alkaline. What can i do to prevent this spots reappearing again. this time I'm gonna sand my walls down and apply primer. Need a recommendation of what primer and solution base wall cleaner to use to prevent this spots from reappearing. I could really appreciated the help from you guys before i start painting. Here is a clear photo on how bad these white spots can be. The left side recently wipe off and the right didn't bothered to wipe for years because the wardrobe was in my way.