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  1. $139 for Vornado Air Circulator comes with 5year warranty --> Cheap? http://www.deal.com.sg/deals/singapore/only-139-vornado-air-circulator-530b530w-5-year-warranty-provides-air-circulatio
  2. Oh... Another thread for me to read.. another 13pages Will be my bedtime reading then. To all the Kraus User Guru, my ID asked me if the sink comes with bottle trap and waste? I got no idea what is that, anyone knows? To prevent me from , i decided to buy a reputable shower system. Any recommendation?
  3. I'm thinking of ordering this sink and faucet from TB, also maybe a matching shower set for my common toilet. What do you think of the price and seller reputation? Sorry ah, I try very hard to understand the percentage thingy, but still Pte Ltd. Also, I am curious, how do you all know which shower system is good or suitable? It seems to me that all looks the same. What is the determine factor, beside budget? Lastly, since sink and faucet both can be purchase online, anybody purchase toilet bowl before? Sink http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a230z.1.5634029.384.lLndyz&id=26216068708&pvid=a290cdb336418b548fa4079a0d4cb826&bid=0_17_49_3# Faucet http://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?spm=a1z10.3.w17-355296785.35.T4DcBB&id=17346137820& Showerhead http://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?spm=a230z.1.5634029.19.l629C4&id=14378692919&pvid=05d12fce901cf5435cafc2ed76352fe4&bid=0_17_3_1
  4. Since it is still working perfectly, why don't you post it up for sale? I believe, if those disposal guy sees it in perfect condition, they will either take to sell or bring it home. Someone once told, those removal service, sometimes bring things home or give to their relatives since the item is still good. If you can sell it, you might be able to get a few hundred bucks back, can use for more shopping..
  5. Free shipping to UK only, so will be using forwarder, or you can join some spree. But overall still cheaper compared to in-stores, and makes a great gift to other kids.
  6. My Ah Lao no home leh.. Must be go n hug his Amazon Boxes eh.. Some more same same district.. Kekeke Hahaha.. I busy shopping on Pumpkim Patch for my kids la.. Nothing over £9 sale My Motto: GOOD BUY. BEST BUY. MUST BUY.
  7. Dear Bro & Sis, Just came across this forum few days back, when we decided to renovate our resale flat next year. And this thread, caught my attention, took me about 2-3days to read from Page 1 to 77 I felt like, this tread is so exciting to read, ALL ABOUT SHOPPING!! I always thought that I find good deals for my kids, I can't believe that when comes to housing renovation there can be so many online shopping too. And I'm so going to start my amazon list on camelcamelcamel.com since ongcs mentioned good for those who are planning ahead, also might need some help on TB spree. On the side track, my hubby also Kim, but definitely not Kim76.. LOLX