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  1. Very satisfied with Univonna. Custom made in Singapore, leather quality is quite good and very good pricing (1000 for 3 seater) Can find them at Furniture Mall near IMM. http://www.univonna.com
  2. I am ordering my teak furnitures directly from Jepara, Indonesia and am looking for someone to share/defray the cost of transportation. The cost for door to door shipment to home in Singapore has been estimated to be around 1200-1500 USD for the 20 ft container. Please message me if you are interested in sharing. (My order for almost all my furnitures is currently filling up around 25% of the 20 ft container..) I am ordering from Indonesia as I prefer plantation teak which comes in larger pieces with more complete textures. By ordering directly, I can also customize my furniture to the sizes I want and choose the type of coating I like. I am planning to have the container arrive in Singapore around end October.
  3. Mrs Merry! Thanks so much for the reply, really appreciate it and I am heartened to know that good contractor do exist! I had been dealing with someone who has been shortchanging me by providing as little renovation work as possible while making sure that the bill total up to around our budget. Maybe I will give Andy a call soon and find out more from him since my reno work will only start in September. Just one point I am wondering, is there many items left out from the original quotation? Does he add on many "unforeseen" items once the renovation starts?
  4. Howwas your review of your ID contractor? Is the quality of their work good?