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  1. Hi Lynn, We got the recommendation from our ID. Sorry can't help much.
  2. ugh. First, our Miele washer drain pump had broke down 2 weeks ago. They got it fixed without much hassle; cited this is a rare case. Technician said this is the first time he is experiencing this in his Miele career. Today, our Brandt chimney hood broke down. -mrs merry
  3. We used the brand Hanstone for our quartz tabletop. So far so good!
  4. hello may i know where did you get the coffee table and how much does it costs? And also how much is your TV console too? Thanks in advance!! - mrs merry
  5. hi Lynn, Actually our ID let us choose it based on our idea for the house.. so..no idea where it came from actually. lol.
  6. mmm mmmm i love your house! all clean n bright. Question.. lol issit hard to maintain? got any pictures of the bathroom?
  7. HI All! Long time no reply! lol Yes im strongly against cove lighting as i cannot imagine the amount of dust n dirt tt will . yes, make no mistakes, dust WILL settle and dirt will accumulate. PLus , its very hard to clean i imagine. Loving my stag, now i just need a wolf and dragon to make it the games of throne house. Haha And yes i dont have green fingers but im trying! Personally i think the costing of renovation value is directly linked to the amount of happiness u feel after u settle down and just start maintaining the house and enjoying it. So i think its money well spent. =D -_- i did find the scrubbing of the beige white floor tiles abit irritating..
  8. Ah. I haven't start my baking journey. Shall share some tips (if i succeed )once I get our house organised. - mrs merry
  9. oh Sarah, where did you get it from? Do you use natural shampoo and shower wash too? - mrs merry
  10. updates by mrs merry: Lucky Merries! We gotten a plot of land to do gardening! This community garden is just below our block. This afternoon Mr Merry is busy tilting the soil getting all ready for some green adventure. And I concluded. He is not a fan of greenie. Haha Let's hope our lady's finger seedlings prospers! And same with our ginger. We also placed today's food waste into the soil to act as compost! And watered it down with our rice water. There are days where you can dim the lights and enjoy the cosy evening with a good read on the sofa. My new experiment. I wanted to go for a more natural and healthy lifestyle. Decided to order soapnuts online. Wala! It really works ! Best thing, the soap nuts after 3 loads -> can be used as compost for my plants! No more chemicals! All natural!
  11. updates by mrs merry: Here are some pics with all the lights switched on. Thou i think pictures are not doing it justice. Sorry for the delay ! Our house is still relative bare; and surprisingly you dont need that much to live. MOST IMPORTANTLY - it's so easy to clean and quite child safe. Tested with a 2nd old boy running around the house during house warming. YAY!
  12. Thank you!! It was a gift from a friend who just came back from New Zealand. It was actually our housewarming gift. And Mr Merry simply loves it and fits the main door so well. I guess we all have different budgets and expectations. It took us couple of years to save enough to transform a space to a home we always dream of. And so far, we're loving it every moment. N On rental costs - SO AGREE!! Since I work with a retailer. Most costs are driven by wages and crazy rental prices demanded by landlords. Yes, permanently location. I don't think anyone will steal our toy that fronts the house. It will bites any stray hands touching it. LOL Yes indeed.. Hahaha Eh..not really if you used the static duster. So far it had worked wonders for me.
  13. hello sleepy! We have 13single downlights and 8 dimmable downlights. So much lesser than yours. And yes, Mr Merry is strong against of cove lightings. Since you had asked us, we will say yes IT IS NORMAL!! lol