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  1. Buying from oversea might not be a good idea. Unless you are looking for very special design. You will not save much as too much work needed. You can take a look at this website to find some great deal regarding curtains. http://mycurtainsandblinds.com.sg/ But Do not commit immediately when those curtains guys tell you this or that. Take your time see their product and rate. Remember cheap does not mean good and also expensive also does not mean quality. Take your time look at the material before confirm anything. Curtains will be your window best friend and window will be your best friend. Cheer
  2. If you can provide your own curtains or material. You can just engage a handyman to fix for you. The price range can be easy from $120 onward depend how many window. If you are think of just one window I think it better to DIY
  3. My study room is also roller blinds. They are quite easy to maintain. Cost about $250. Got my deal from here. http://mycurtainsandblinds.com/ Also there are two type. One with hole can see through another type is totally black out
  4. I wonder Is it necessary to get curtains to wash every year or it better to change a brand new sets?
  5. My personel feedback, a visit to kian seng. Went to clementi hawker centre for breakfast today, so went to pay a visit http://clementikianseng.com/ to settle the curtains issue for my clients. Overall the shop look very well furnishing. I suppose they had not enough staff n no one came and service, perhap me and my wife went at the wrong time. They are attending customer. Anyway we need to pick up our child soon at united square so we left. Then we went to http://www.fabulouscurtain.com/ after we pick up our child. A salesman Wilson came n services us. It quite a big showroom selling all the soft furnishing n bathroom fixture. But we only interested in curtains. This guy quite professional show us around and explain well. (Keep talking non stop) We told him our client budget and he base on our budget show us quite a lot of sample. I short list a few and arrange him n our client to meet up for actual measurement at 8.30pm today. No complain about him coz he willing to come even after 6pm excepts he is late for 15min. Should at least call us to inform you will be late. I very pai sei to let my customer wait for 15 min
  6. Hi I'm look for some quality and reasonable price curtains blinds vendors. I'm a property agent, it is for my Clients home for her to rent out. So just helping her to source for curtains before the new tenant move in by end of this month. Of course she got some budget around $1000 and her condos which is along Steven road. What I'm looking for is just normal day and night curtain with simple design. Not too expensive but she willing to pay around $1000 a bit more is ok. But it must be durable and can last at least another 5 year or more.