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  1. Hi All Parents, Ever wondered where is your little bundle of joy when they start primary school and you tell them "take the bus home" Want to contact your child when they reach teenage and are starting to stay outside for longer periods of time and keep blocking your mobile numbers to prevent you from calling them. Ever wanted a real time tracker so you can know their exact whereabouts instantly through your iphone or android? Now you can with a low cost GPS Tracker that can double up as a mobile phone or as a decor on your children's bag. We can offer you a web based or mobile phone based application to allow you to know where are they almost instantaneously. Contact me at 9323 3691 for more information. Cheers All, Elvin
  2. Hi there, tell me you have yet to sign the contract with the Id you posted. I will not bother to use any greetings. I am a contractor myself. With a budget of 40k. I will do the job for you inclusive of all your purchases of bathroom and kitchen accessories. 40k NETT exact similar items that they are providing. No GST. No extra or hidden costs. My Facebook address is https://www.facebook.com/TYAS.Design.n.Contracts

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      Let me know if you are interested in having a lower cost but definitely premium quality workmanship service. My name is Albert. If you are interested send me your Floor plans to albert.chua@tyasdesign.com I will get back to you with the quotation within the same day. Awaiting your favorable reply. Do get back to me by today if possible. Thanks and Best Regards, Albert Chua Project/Sales Manager 9221 8407

  3. If you are working on tiles, it does not mean water proofing must be done. Unless you are hacking the flooring which im sure you have signed the documents from HDB telling you about the "No hacking" for the net few years. Overlaying of tiles does not require the "water proofing" if that was the information conveyed to you. Basic needs are, Kitchen Cabinets, kitchen curb, electrical works, Plumbing, Cleaning. These are the ESSENTIAL items. Apart from these, everything else are additional.
  4. Hi Newhere, Acutally most people or ID companies will take an initial deposit from the clients in order for the to "proceed" with any works, which includes design etc; but yours being 1000 is actually quite low, I have friends who told me they paid a deposit of 5% which amounted to nearly 4k just to see the designs which after 4 revisions are still not up to the expected standards and they eventually say there is a maximum of 3 corrections after which there is an additional charge. Design firms will eventually waive off the charge for designing f you take their services but since you have paid 1k most people do not want to part with this amount of money and end up paying 10-15% above the market value of the renovation costs which you can get from any contractor. Most of this design fees that are being charged are actually a load of crap, since they just re-use previous designs change the colors and move the items then this is their new "master piece". All these design ideas are actually much cheaper if you go directly to any petrol station of magazine store to buy a copy of Living Style of Homes magazine at 7 dollars each and tell the contractor this is the design you want. All designs are actually honestly most of the time your own ideas if you realise, you do the input and they just materialise it on drawings. Shouldn't they be paying you instead?