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  1. Hi, can PM me your ID/contractor contact details? Thanks.
  2. Looking for a reliable and reasonable electrician for 4 room flat bto renovation. Basically all lights or material is here with me. Just need installation services. List of things to do -installation of 2 ceiling fan -installation of ceiling lights at foyer,kitchen,service yard, bedroom, dining area, storeroom, 2 toilets -Installation of track light **** room, master bedroom, walkway -Convert telephone point to data point -Additional electrical point -installation of 2 instant heater Kindly feel free to PM me your contact and pricing (if possible). and yea.. I'm looking for 4 room painting services as well... Thank you.
  3. Hi wishie, what is the name of the grey paint that is painted in your living room? I'm looking for that grey! Don mind can share with me? Thanks.
  4. Hi Kelvin, Could you please PM me the electrician contact . Thank you!
  5. hi.. can i check with you that your kitchen celing light come with the remote? If the remote is spoilt during the long run.. are there any replacement for the remote or the whole light would have to be replace? Thanks.
  6. Hi, can share with me your ID contact and possible take a look at your quotation too? PM me. Thanks.
  7. I am searching for carpenter/contractor to do up my kitchen cabinet, show cabinet and wardrobe. Please, any kind soul can pm me some of their contact. Thanks.
  8. Are you sure you are paying only package price? There may be hidden cost and later on they add this add that, in the end you pay like twice the package! Please be very sure of what you are paying/signing and the details of the package. That's all i can say.
  9. Don give anything unless you are sure you want to engage the ID. I have paid $1000 for so call 3d drawing. Turn out the drawing, i think I go magazine cut and paste better than they draw. These drawing also does not come with dimensions nor and specification and in my opinion i feel that flip magazine and show them what i want also can.I heard some ID only allow max changes to the drawing of 3 times and subsequently you need to pay for any further amendment. Like what others had said, some of these drawings can be recycled from previous project as well. Maybe its only me that had this bad experience. This is a very risky option. In my opinion, why paid some money for something you have not even see yet! Its like you are buying a piece of furniture but the seller show you a blank paper and say "hey.. hand me $500 and i go back get the catalogs to show you, so in order to prove your sincerity in buying from us and i won waste my effort!" Don't sound logical to me. This is my experience. Peace
  10. can you Pm me your contractor details. Thank you.
  11. Hi, may i know how do you place your order with this China goods resource pte ltd? is there a website to submit orders? TIA
  12. AI great walking distance to the MRT station.